Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our days are numbered!

50 more days until Truman's D-Day!

Needless to day we're pretty pumped up!

I've been doing a lot of thinking (and laughing) about this whole due date thing. First off, a sweet girl and I had a good laugh at the LLLI meeting about it seeming to some people as a race or competition. It's not, seriously. Who cares WHEN your baby gets here as long as the baby arrives safely and momma is doing well herself. That's priority nĂºmero uno homes.
So, baby T can make his appearance somewhere between June 27th (37 weeks) and July 25 (41 weeks).
My only request, sweet boy is that you do not come before your 37th week so you can be fully prepared for the fumbles your mothers gonna make during your first few weeks/months/years/LIFE. While we're at it please come before your 42nd week as the stillbirth rate doubles and mommy doesn't want to have a heart attack.
Mommy and Daddy really can't wait to meet you, but on your terms.

So all of that said- I'm creating a BT list (before Truman). So far I have fun plans for James and I! Among them are these:
- La Huerta Night
- mountain sprout/deadman flats concert
- Fayetteville farmers market
- dinner & a movie night (any suggestions on a movie?)
- minor league game
- pesto cafe + local singer we like acoustic.
- attend James' aunts wedding
- burlesque show @ Smoke N Barrel
- at least one more lake trip/fishing trip
- maybe another spin around Crystal Bridges
- and 3 more child birthing classes :)

Who is Mountain Sprout and Deadman Flats? I'm glad you asked, here's a trusty video of them playing one of my favorite G rated songs:

Now I know we may not get to all of those dates and lord knows James is saying right now "do you think I'm made of money?!" but we can pick and choose which things we want to do. I think its important to enjoy our twosome time for a few more weeks before our life gets rocked and we realize that we had no idea we could love something so much.

Something that is set in stone is Truman's baby shower! I'm excited to see family and friends that can make it out. :)

Also I may have a sick obsession with Minky Dot. Any suggestions on a rehab are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

32 weeks + what's new.

My first LLLI meeting-
Very exciting and informative! I believe though the best thing I took from the meeting was the lovely people I got to meet and visit with. Lots of moms and moms to be and it was comforting to see we all have a lot of the same questions.
While I was there I bought this book- its already made me laugh and cry. I got very emotional on the birthing chapter and busted into tears telling James I just want it to be the three of us in the room immediately after he's born if possible. So right now that's the plan. I feel most comfortable with this. Of course our family will be notified to get there and come see, but just immediately, I feel a huge urge to keep it private.
Also! Great news James has finally agreed he'll be in there with me (up top close to my head) and no where else.
I don't even want to think about that.
Here's the awesome book- I've been shamelessly calling it my boobie bible.

Sunday morning I spent the morning with my mom and she and I made salt scrub!
Here's a nifty recipe where the use actual lemon!

Here's ours blending in moms mixer :)

Tru is 32 weeks! < 2 months to go!
Yay for yet another bathroom/mirror shot.
Perk- maternity photos in about 2 weeks! Huzzah!

Had a Dr. apt this week, she says all sounds great and he's measuring right on time.
I'm having more back pain, I think it's just stiff and I have to move around a bit.
My calves have been sore, she said I'm running in my sleep... ... ... So that's where I find time to exercise.
And still victim to some sleeplessness, just worried/wondering about the boy + my bladder is pretty much crushed so, yeah.

Cut the cheese-
At the LLLI meeting we were talking about breast milk flavor is always changing because of what mom eats and it dawned on me to ask the question on if certain foods are off limits for breastfeeding moms. The leaders made an extremely important point for us she asked "do you have any food allergies in your family like to milk?" and I told her no and then it dawned on me. JAMES has a mild dairy intolerance. So, they advised me to cut out completely/cut back severely on dairy about 4-5 weeks before he's due to help the baby digest his milk better.
I'll admit this does put a damper on my custard/ice cream/yogurt fixes but us achieving a great nursing start means more to me than a sundae. After this conversation a FB friend of mine put on her status for some help on her son spitting up, amazing to me several mothers said they had to nix the dairy too for their babies milk! It either caused them to have reflux, upset tummy or diaper rash. One lady mentioned cutting all dairy from her diet also helped her lose 60 lbs! I'd cut the cheese to be lighter 60 lbs! ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012



My co-workers and I put on a successful surprise shower for Truman's Mimi my mom!
I can't believe we actually kept it a secret! She knew nothing until she pulled up at my house and noticed all the cars! She had the hugest smile on her face, it was so cool!  (Did NOT think to take a pic, *pregnancy brain!)
Moms friends, coworkers, family and my in-laws showered her with such wonderful presents I don't think I can ever thank them enough for being so dang sweet and doing all of this.
Diann, my coworker hosted the shower, she has such awesome party ideas! I think she should be for hire, but she thinks otherwise. :)
There are so many things I didn't capture yesterday, Natalie brought these cute stuffed animals, a snail and a puppy to tie the balloons to. Diann made homemade dirt looking body scrub that said "Coming soon, more dirt on Truman"  We played Mr. & Mrs. Right, Concentration, and 15 things you find in a boys pocket. It was super fun! (If you want more information on those games for your shower reference let me know)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mind, Heart, Body & Soul Update

My mind--- 
It's a scary place. 
I've been trying to "control" my mind this 2012. Thinking & doing positively... It's a bit harder than expected. Old habits die hard and I don't think the pregnancy hormones should be an excuse, rather a factor in my mindset. It's hard to not be sensitive and take things personally, so I need a reality check every once in awhile from myself of friends. Plus I'm also trying to stay positive so my little baby who depends on nothing but me lives in a peaceful environment. I was listening to talk radio Tuesday night and heard this quote... and I took it to heart.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

I KNOW this to be true. Recently I ran into someone who is a prime example of this quote. An extremely bitter and lonely person who had nothing to say but negative, derogatory things about others who were living a seemingly happy, progressive lives.
Between seeing that person and hearing that quote I knew that I had to get my shit together. 
I keep telling myself  "stop, see, let it be, let it go" "it's not about you, focus on yourself." "shake it off." etc. probably little quotes I'll be saying to the baby when he's a bit older. heh.

I did hear on Dr. Laura one day a lady who was struggling with negative thoughts and Dr. Laura's advice was to start singing a song, either aloud or in her head. 

My heart---
I think my post about James and I really covers this. Recently a girlfriend of mine said, "No matter what, make time for you and James. Even if it's just once a month, make the time or it'll all get away from you." I truly believe this to be true too.

My body---
Well obviously it's getting more and more rotund in the mid-section as our little boy is honing in on four lbs.
I've not gotten to go to the gym this month, which makes me sad. However I have been walking up and down our driveway... to the highway and back is .8mi. Plus I add in a trip to the Given's house to give me a about a mile. Of course I still do housework, and recently shampooed the carpets in my moms house.
My pregnant body is interesting, I'm starting to feel a lot more pressure and sensitivity. Right above my belly button is very sensitive, plus I touch it a lot like a child "this hurts! why does it hurt?" kind of thing. Definitely a lot of pressure on my poor, already overworked bladder. In our U/S last week Truman was right there with my bladder which I believe explains the "oh WOW I gotta go pee" moments.

My soul---
I do believe I've prayed more this year than I ever have in my life. I feel more confident with my relationship in Christ however there is MUCH room for improvement on my end.
I do want to tell you all this-
It melts my heart to hear children pray, our friends little boy prayed for our dinner last night and it just melted my heart. He was so happy and eager to pray, it was amazing.
The other day a mother was praying with her infant before they ate here at work, even though that baby most likely had no idea what mom was saying, it was still deeply touching and it meant something to them (and me).
Also James, Truman and I have three little prayer warriors out there (Colby, Quentin and Carlie) their momma's tell me that they pray for us/Truman, It means so much to me.

I feel like I'm learning a lot, a lot from myself and from other people. I do appreciate the advice and encouragement from my friends and family! Pretty soon I know that nothing else will matter but Truman, James and I. I'm looking forward to that!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hostess gifts

If you're hosting my shower, turn around, do not pass go, do not collect 200$, move on!!
Because I gotta share what you're getting as a hostess gift.

Go on!


There :)
I did DIY hostess gifts *cue applause*

Thank you, Pinterest!
Here's one:

I saved a little bit for myself, it's pretty epic. I use it on "Truman's territory" right now and it lasts a long, long time.
Also you don't need a double boiler just make your own with the pots you have.I recommend using a kitchen mixer, my kitchen-aid (I love you) that my MIL gave me worked superbly!
Also don't let it scare you at first it is super oily but it solidifies and it's great. Also- don't waste your time and money putting in essential oil, the coconut and almond overpower it. (note the smell on you is med/mild) ...
It passes the Official James Sniff Test so it's tolerable to men.

I didn't have enough to make nine 2 cup servings so some people are getting bath salt!

Except here's the recipe I used:
(makes 2 cups)
1 c. Borax
1/2 c. Epsom or Sea Salt
1/2 c. Baking soda
1/2 tea. Lavender soap fragrance
1/4 tea. Orange soap fragrance
1/4 tea. Sandalwood soap fragrance
(bath salt coloring to desired color)

I threw all of this (except I used equal parts honeysuckle and lavender scent)
in my kitchen-aid (I love you) mixer and mixed WELLLLLLLLLL and added the dye drops as it blended.

Also I used some of my thank you postcards for the packaging!

It's always better when we're together

Sunday night James and I were sitting in the living room and he looked over and said, "you know we get along pretty good". And I said "Us? Umm yeah!" it made me smile and it made me think for sure. I said to him, you realize our lives will never be the same here in about two months? It's crazy to think everything will change, all the way down to our nightly routines.

The way we think, speak, feel, love, sleep, eat, entertain, drive, pray and man I don't even know what else. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. 
I want our relationship to strengthen and grow through our child rearing days (and on) I've been thinking up ways to keep our marriage fresh and remember why we're here in the first place.

We are doers, planners and thinkers. Every day we're drumming up ideas for the future. Some that we know will never happen but hey it's fun to talk about!
Some nights we'll lie awake and talk about business, some nights it's fun ideas or adventures, and of course some nights we fall asleep before our heads hit the pillow.
I don't really know where I'm going with all of this, but I feel really inclined to give my two cents and marital advice...

Choose wisely, treat kindly.
Respect each other.
Love, laugh and flirt a lot.
Be a real woman for your man.
Be sweet.

I think that's it. Heck I've only been married a year, don't expect a book or anything.

Of course there's always Pinterest for marital ideas.

One more thing...
James gave me a wonderful mothers day gift.
(Special thanks to his saint of a sister for helping him, I owe you big time)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost Fathers Day (for an almost father)

Well, James' already early fathers day present came extra early.
After talking with the nurse and ultrasound tech today they advised me to come in earlier than the original plan of two weeks from now. I yet again was having fetal movement anxiety.
I'm going to have to get over all of this, he's perfectly fine.

He weighs 3 lbs 5 oz and is measuring right on track.
(mommy brag moment bare with me)
His brain activity is more advanced than they would expect from a 30 week fetus.
Maybe he'll be smart like daddy. 
He is head down, face down. So that also explains the lack of movement I feel.
A majority of his ultrasound was the tech "poking" him with the wand to get him to move, he not only is smart like daddy, but is hard-headed like daddy and didn't move much at all.
When they hooked me up on the monitors to measure his movement they had to "buzz the baby" some sort of electronic equivalent to a old school hand buzzer. He was a good boy and moved around a lot after being buzzed.

It's not the most clear picture but here he is in my favorite moment of the U/S

a big smile after a big stretch
Happy (Almost) Mothers Day to all those mothers 
and almost mothers out there!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3rd Tri Tie-Tie

70 days to go!

This is week 30 for Truman's one and only trip to utero. I'm ready to meet him. I'm ready for him to be "here" and not behind layers of moms skin, fat, muscle, fluid & whatnot.
I haven't exactly been sleeping well, doesn't have anything to do with my pressured bladder although it does help to get up when I do wake up somewhere between 3 and 5 AM.
My haunting concern is his movement. I actually went into straight up freak out mode last Monday and went to the dr to check on him. As of last Monday morning I hadn't knowingly felt him in several hours. So I went in, hooked up to monitors and all that jazz and he finally showed me some reassuring signs that all is well. I felt like a fool, but I felt even more relieved that he's fine.
Truman is a really light kicker. Yes I realize I know nothing about other babies and their kicks so let me just say this: I have to lay down, drink ice cold water, calm & quiet to feel his movements. They're not abrupt, hard, or painful as I've heard others describe. It really bothers me. I wish he understood "Marco-Polo".
Anyway these are the things that keep me up at night in sheer panic.
The Dr. thinks its just his position he's in and that he's moving a lot, I just can't feel it because say maybe he's head down, face down or head down, sideways. Who knows.
My fear is that his umbilical chord has him hog tied and he can't move. Ugh.
Let me also say I do realize that this is the only time I have full control over him and I know exactly where he is. A radio show I listen to said "the easiest part of parenting is pregnancy." I can appreciate that.

Moving on from Doomsday Debbie Downer...

My dreams have been hilarious. It's like I take a hit of acid every night I swear.

- machine gun milk boobs
- toyota trucks turning into dinosaurs
- stalking justin beiber to get an autograph
- my best-dressed friend cory with jheri curl
on and on.

I'm getting really excited about Mothers Day, Fathers Day & my Baby Shower.
I have some awesome plans for Mothers Day for my mom and some awesome plans for James' Fathers Day... he has no idea what I have planned and tends to read my blog so I have to keep it to myself! :)

However I can share PART of mom's gift...
the gift of ME painting something... haha.
Before anyone freaks out let me just say this paint has hardly any odor, it is amazing. It goes on so easily, takes very little and hides brush marks rather well. You can find it here in NWAR @ House Specialties by the Neighborhood Market on Crossover. I can't wait to paint something else. I'm seriously considering painting Hank...

Shopping... one of my addictions.

I've been buying the little man a few more things, I've really cooled off on the clothes and am focused on things that he needs.
I got a boppy, bumbo and diaper changing pad in minky giraffe/or dark brown from different vendors on etsy (why am I so giraffe wacky?)
I also bought him another giraffe toy.
 And that's really about it on the baby buying front. I know my credit card is happy.

My 3rd Tri Body
Things are definitely getting bigger. I'm having to stretch and stand more often.
My legs and love handles are out of control. I told James last night I MUST make a conscious effort to avoid simple sugars and carbs. So far today, so good.
I purchased some yoplait whips and threw one in the freezer as the packaging suggested and it is AWESOME!!! It's like a controlled portion of rich chocolate ice cream.
I'll take it.

Also... Miles Witt Boyer is doing our maternity pictures... so that means I really need to get my sh*t together to look decent in the photos. I know he's good you all, but the man can only do so much with what he's given!
me at 30 weeks

Pinterest hilariousness-

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Road Rage

So, I have a story that I’ve wanted to tell on my blog forquite some time.
Since it’s been over a year since it happen, I feel that thecrazy person I encountered in this story has long since forgotten about me. (Fingerscrossed)

About mid-April of 2011 I was going home every day for lunchand checking on our fur-child, Hank. The road our old house is on is a scenicroad with a lot of curves. It’s nothing new to get behind a slow driving “flatlander” as I’ve fondly called the tourists passing through. Well thisexperience ended a bit more differently than the usual flat-lander encountersdo.
I get behind this “hamster car” that’s going about 35 MPH ina 55. So I follow him as he speeds up through the straight stretches and thenslows down tremendously in the curves forcing me to * WOAH! slam on break *here I thought we were going to go at least 45 MPH but oh no I don’t think sothose corners are scary!
So we start to go down lone star hill and he flat STOPS inthe middle of the road, rolls down his window and proceeds to flip me off andyell at me. What did I do you ask? I looked at him in sheer panic and did the “go,go, go, go” hand motion as this idiot doesn’t know that chicken trucks flythrough here multiple times a day and this lone star hill is exceptionallysteep and curvy and had a semi came up on us, it would have been horrific. Did Imention this was about two weeks before my wedding day? All I could think is, “Idon’t want to die before I get married!”. (ugh! ass clown) it gets better…
After he slams on his breaks and stops us in the middle ofthe highway I finally get to pass him on the bridge I had to hit 80 as itpissed him off that I was passing him so he was flooring it to stop me fromgoing around… by this point I’m on the phone with my mom telling her what’sgoing on and about 3 miles away from work. I asked her to send someone outsideto meet me as I was scared of this crazy flat-lander and she passively says somethingto the effect of “well okay let me know when you get here.”
So I pull in to the store parking lot, sure enough the assclown pulls in behind me. I normally park in the back where the other employeespark but since this was such a specialoccasion I parked outside of one of the side doors and parked with my nose-outso just in case something happen  and Icouldn’t get out of my car I could at least drive. So this d-bag pulls in andparks right in front of my car where I’m helpless either way, I can’t move mycar, can’t back up because of the building and I must either sit in my car, orget out. I made the choice to get out.
 Like I said he pulls up to block my caroff and he says something to the effect of “I’ve called the police, you and I aregoing to stay out here until they get here and you’re going to get arrested” Ilooked at his flat-lander ass and kind of laughed a little but remained eerilycalm… I said “you can do what you want, I’m going inside.” He says to me “whywere you going so fast as he lights up a cigarette, don’t you know you wereendangering me and my INFANT CHILD in my car?” * I glance in the back of hiscar and sure enough, an infant carseat * and I said “the speed limit on thathighway is 55 mph.” he said “no it’s not it’s 35, I saw the signs, they’re allover the road, you need to go back though there and read” and retorted back, “Ilive here, the yellow ones are SUGGESTED”. He yells back at me “YOU’RE ONDRUGS!” I laughed and said “yeah, right”.
 Finally effingFINALLY my father walks outside and I say scared/panic-ly “dad this guy hascalled the cops on me because of my driving” dad say’s to him “what seems to bethe problem?” and he said to dad “no problem I’m just going to wait here untilthe cops show up” so dad WALKS OFF. I decide screw it, my cars locked I have mypurse, I’m walking inside. So I go inside and tell Rick what’s going on outsideof his window and he laughs, I go to my desk on the opposite of the buildingand sit there and it’s all kind of starting to “sink in” as my nerves takeover. This turd sits out by my car for 5-10 more minutes than proceeds to drivearound the store twice peering in the windows and finally drives off. The copsnever come, no one ever called, nothing.
The next week I get buzzed at my desk, “April, SheriffMorgan is asking to see you” so I walk down stairs. And sure as shit there hesits! I go up to him, and he’s sitting all alone at one of the lunch tables andsays “take a seat, lets talk” and so I do and he says “is there something youwant to tell me?” and I said “well what do you know?” and he said “why don’tyou just tell me what I need to know.” I flat spill my guts and tell himeverything, and he starts cracking up! My coworkers are at their stationscracking up… the sheriff knew nothing, they just talked him in to pulling alittle prank on me.  I thought I wasgoing to stroke out, I kept thinking, I did nothing wrong! And besides HE wasendangering the infant by stopping in the road and smoking with the baby in thecar if they take me to jail I’ll tell on him for doing that, that’s far worsethan getting too close to an idiot that keeps slamming on his breaks.
Hilarious, thought I had friends here at work. They’re outto kill me with my own guilt! 

You know the thing that still blows my mind is James and my folks still don't believe that I wasn't speeding/driving recklessly. I swear to you all I don't drive crazy- like high-school crazy. I keep it about five above the speed limit and do my best to abide by all the traffic laws! Gosh!