Wednesday, May 23, 2012

32 weeks + what's new.

My first LLLI meeting-
Very exciting and informative! I believe though the best thing I took from the meeting was the lovely people I got to meet and visit with. Lots of moms and moms to be and it was comforting to see we all have a lot of the same questions.
While I was there I bought this book- its already made me laugh and cry. I got very emotional on the birthing chapter and busted into tears telling James I just want it to be the three of us in the room immediately after he's born if possible. So right now that's the plan. I feel most comfortable with this. Of course our family will be notified to get there and come see, but just immediately, I feel a huge urge to keep it private.
Also! Great news James has finally agreed he'll be in there with me (up top close to my head) and no where else.
I don't even want to think about that.
Here's the awesome book- I've been shamelessly calling it my boobie bible.

Sunday morning I spent the morning with my mom and she and I made salt scrub!
Here's a nifty recipe where the use actual lemon!

Here's ours blending in moms mixer :)

Tru is 32 weeks! < 2 months to go!
Yay for yet another bathroom/mirror shot.
Perk- maternity photos in about 2 weeks! Huzzah!

Had a Dr. apt this week, she says all sounds great and he's measuring right on time.
I'm having more back pain, I think it's just stiff and I have to move around a bit.
My calves have been sore, she said I'm running in my sleep... ... ... So that's where I find time to exercise.
And still victim to some sleeplessness, just worried/wondering about the boy + my bladder is pretty much crushed so, yeah.

Cut the cheese-
At the LLLI meeting we were talking about breast milk flavor is always changing because of what mom eats and it dawned on me to ask the question on if certain foods are off limits for breastfeeding moms. The leaders made an extremely important point for us she asked "do you have any food allergies in your family like to milk?" and I told her no and then it dawned on me. JAMES has a mild dairy intolerance. So, they advised me to cut out completely/cut back severely on dairy about 4-5 weeks before he's due to help the baby digest his milk better.
I'll admit this does put a damper on my custard/ice cream/yogurt fixes but us achieving a great nursing start means more to me than a sundae. After this conversation a FB friend of mine put on her status for some help on her son spitting up, amazing to me several mothers said they had to nix the dairy too for their babies milk! It either caused them to have reflux, upset tummy or diaper rash. One lady mentioned cutting all dairy from her diet also helped her lose 60 lbs! I'd cut the cheese to be lighter 60 lbs! ;)


  1. I don't know if it has the same effect when you eat it and they take it in through your milk, but you might ask about keeping the yogurt. Adriahna is lactose intolerant, but she can eat yogurt/frozen yogurt because of the active cultures in it. Her pediatrician said a lot of lactose intolerant people can handle yogurt for that reason because the cultures break the enzymes down for you. I am totally clueless about breast feeding so that might be a really dumb comment, but I tried. Lol

    1. Oh no I appreciate that!! I will definitely ask about yogurt!

  2. I agree with Stephanie. Yogurt is important :) I'm a bit lactose intolerant but my daughter is fine. I didn't cut back on dairy when pregnant or breast feeding. Only bbq because it made em upset! I'm glad you are taking those classes - very informative. Those LLLI ladies are a bit intense for me. Make sure you research everything that they talk about. . .

    By the way - your picture is gorgeous! Looking good momma!

  3. No BBQ?! Oh man!
    I'm hoping all will be just fine with his milk. One lady mentioned salsa bothered her child. I guess it's a trial and error thing huh. I'll keep a food log.
    I was suppose to go to the hospital based nursing class tonight, but I have a stomach bug. I'm pretty bummed about it.

  4. I think you are so smart to keep it private. Its good to have some time to try your first attempt at feeding without the whole fam present. I told justin I want 3 hours after birth to bond and feed. Your belly picture is awesome! You look so good!


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