Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3rd Tri Tie-Tie

70 days to go!

This is week 30 for Truman's one and only trip to utero. I'm ready to meet him. I'm ready for him to be "here" and not behind layers of moms skin, fat, muscle, fluid & whatnot.
I haven't exactly been sleeping well, doesn't have anything to do with my pressured bladder although it does help to get up when I do wake up somewhere between 3 and 5 AM.
My haunting concern is his movement. I actually went into straight up freak out mode last Monday and went to the dr to check on him. As of last Monday morning I hadn't knowingly felt him in several hours. So I went in, hooked up to monitors and all that jazz and he finally showed me some reassuring signs that all is well. I felt like a fool, but I felt even more relieved that he's fine.
Truman is a really light kicker. Yes I realize I know nothing about other babies and their kicks so let me just say this: I have to lay down, drink ice cold water, calm & quiet to feel his movements. They're not abrupt, hard, or painful as I've heard others describe. It really bothers me. I wish he understood "Marco-Polo".
Anyway these are the things that keep me up at night in sheer panic.
The Dr. thinks its just his position he's in and that he's moving a lot, I just can't feel it because say maybe he's head down, face down or head down, sideways. Who knows.
My fear is that his umbilical chord has him hog tied and he can't move. Ugh.
Let me also say I do realize that this is the only time I have full control over him and I know exactly where he is. A radio show I listen to said "the easiest part of parenting is pregnancy." I can appreciate that.

Moving on from Doomsday Debbie Downer...

My dreams have been hilarious. It's like I take a hit of acid every night I swear.

- machine gun milk boobs
- toyota trucks turning into dinosaurs
- stalking justin beiber to get an autograph
- my best-dressed friend cory with jheri curl
on and on.

I'm getting really excited about Mothers Day, Fathers Day & my Baby Shower.
I have some awesome plans for Mothers Day for my mom and some awesome plans for James' Fathers Day... he has no idea what I have planned and tends to read my blog so I have to keep it to myself! :)

However I can share PART of mom's gift...
the gift of ME painting something... haha.
Before anyone freaks out let me just say this paint has hardly any odor, it is amazing. It goes on so easily, takes very little and hides brush marks rather well. You can find it here in NWAR @ House Specialties by the Neighborhood Market on Crossover. I can't wait to paint something else. I'm seriously considering painting Hank...

Shopping... one of my addictions.

I've been buying the little man a few more things, I've really cooled off on the clothes and am focused on things that he needs.
I got a boppy, bumbo and diaper changing pad in minky giraffe/or dark brown from different vendors on etsy (why am I so giraffe wacky?)
I also bought him another giraffe toy.
 And that's really about it on the baby buying front. I know my credit card is happy.

My 3rd Tri Body
Things are definitely getting bigger. I'm having to stretch and stand more often.
My legs and love handles are out of control. I told James last night I MUST make a conscious effort to avoid simple sugars and carbs. So far today, so good.
I purchased some yoplait whips and threw one in the freezer as the packaging suggested and it is AWESOME!!! It's like a controlled portion of rich chocolate ice cream.
I'll take it.

Also... Miles Witt Boyer is doing our maternity pictures... so that means I really need to get my sh*t together to look decent in the photos. I know he's good you all, but the man can only do so much with what he's given!
me at 30 weeks

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  1. You just think dreaming about machine gun milk boobs is a funny dream. If you're planning on breastfeeding you'll soon find out that they are like a machine gun and have a mind of their own! HA!

    I'm going to have to try to freeze the Yoplait Whips now. I saw that suggestion on the package and it sounds delicious!


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