Friday, May 11, 2012

Almost Fathers Day (for an almost father)

Well, James' already early fathers day present came extra early.
After talking with the nurse and ultrasound tech today they advised me to come in earlier than the original plan of two weeks from now. I yet again was having fetal movement anxiety.
I'm going to have to get over all of this, he's perfectly fine.

He weighs 3 lbs 5 oz and is measuring right on track.
(mommy brag moment bare with me)
His brain activity is more advanced than they would expect from a 30 week fetus.
Maybe he'll be smart like daddy. 
He is head down, face down. So that also explains the lack of movement I feel.
A majority of his ultrasound was the tech "poking" him with the wand to get him to move, he not only is smart like daddy, but is hard-headed like daddy and didn't move much at all.
When they hooked me up on the monitors to measure his movement they had to "buzz the baby" some sort of electronic equivalent to a old school hand buzzer. He was a good boy and moved around a lot after being buzzed.

It's not the most clear picture but here he is in my favorite moment of the U/S

a big smile after a big stretch
Happy (Almost) Mothers Day to all those mothers 
and almost mothers out there!


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- April