Monday, May 21, 2012



My co-workers and I put on a successful surprise shower for Truman's Mimi my mom!
I can't believe we actually kept it a secret! She knew nothing until she pulled up at my house and noticed all the cars! She had the hugest smile on her face, it was so cool!  (Did NOT think to take a pic, *pregnancy brain!)
Moms friends, coworkers, family and my in-laws showered her with such wonderful presents I don't think I can ever thank them enough for being so dang sweet and doing all of this.
Diann, my coworker hosted the shower, she has such awesome party ideas! I think she should be for hire, but she thinks otherwise. :)
There are so many things I didn't capture yesterday, Natalie brought these cute stuffed animals, a snail and a puppy to tie the balloons to. Diann made homemade dirt looking body scrub that said "Coming soon, more dirt on Truman"  We played Mr. & Mrs. Right, Concentration, and 15 things you find in a boys pocket. It was super fun! (If you want more information on those games for your shower reference let me know)

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