Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our days are numbered!

50 more days until Truman's D-Day!

Needless to day we're pretty pumped up!

I've been doing a lot of thinking (and laughing) about this whole due date thing. First off, a sweet girl and I had a good laugh at the LLLI meeting about it seeming to some people as a race or competition. It's not, seriously. Who cares WHEN your baby gets here as long as the baby arrives safely and momma is doing well herself. That's priority nĂºmero uno homes.
So, baby T can make his appearance somewhere between June 27th (37 weeks) and July 25 (41 weeks).
My only request, sweet boy is that you do not come before your 37th week so you can be fully prepared for the fumbles your mothers gonna make during your first few weeks/months/years/LIFE. While we're at it please come before your 42nd week as the stillbirth rate doubles and mommy doesn't want to have a heart attack.
Mommy and Daddy really can't wait to meet you, but on your terms.

So all of that said- I'm creating a BT list (before Truman). So far I have fun plans for James and I! Among them are these:
- La Huerta Night
- mountain sprout/deadman flats concert
- Fayetteville farmers market
- dinner & a movie night (any suggestions on a movie?)
- minor league game
- pesto cafe + local singer we like acoustic.
- attend James' aunts wedding
- burlesque show @ Smoke N Barrel
- at least one more lake trip/fishing trip
- maybe another spin around Crystal Bridges
- and 3 more child birthing classes :)

Who is Mountain Sprout and Deadman Flats? I'm glad you asked, here's a trusty video of them playing one of my favorite G rated songs:

Now I know we may not get to all of those dates and lord knows James is saying right now "do you think I'm made of money?!" but we can pick and choose which things we want to do. I think its important to enjoy our twosome time for a few more weeks before our life gets rocked and we realize that we had no idea we could love something so much.

Something that is set in stone is Truman's baby shower! I'm excited to see family and friends that can make it out. :)

Also I may have a sick obsession with Minky Dot. Any suggestions on a rehab are greatly appreciated.


  1. Your BT List looks like FUN! I think you should def do the burlesque show! Can't wait to see what you cross of the list. What is La Huerta Night?

    1. La Huerta is some of our local, favorite mexican food. it's nothing special really, it's just a favorite of ours!

  2. You are such a good mom for not pushing the date! I want to flick early inducers in the ear (the ones without medical reason). I totally agree its on Tru's terms not ours or our doctors vacation schedule and it for sure isnt a freaking race. One sunday at church (while in late pregnancy with mia) I started having contractions. A lady said to me after the service "When is your due date? (it was 9 days away) I told her then she said "Oh you have plenty of time, you arent having that baby anytime soon". And I went into the hospital that night and had mia that early morning. So dont listen to the idiots that think they can predict YOUR birth. I love your list and I am super jealous that you only have 50 days left. I feel like I still have a year and a half.


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