Thursday, June 7, 2012

40 Days until D-Day!

Yes, I'm doing 10 day countdowns. :)
So let's see... 34 weeks, fat and sassy.

The highlight of this week
Was doing our maternity pics with the legendary Miles Witt Boyer. James and I met up with him on Tuesday and did a lil mat photo sesh. It was good, I hope he got a few decent pics of me. :-X
Perk- I gave my newly found boob/chest/shoulder cleavage, double chin, and arm/arm pit fat a name: Bertha. "Miles let me know if Bertha is coming out!" "She's in your arm! She's in your chin!"
... that beach is everywhere.
I say all this with love please don't think I hate myself. :)

I got Tru another NB photoshoot prop for the *near* future. I'm pretty pumped up about it (thank you Jesus for etsy). I'd share it with you... But I think it'd be so much more fun for you to see it on my child rather than rando baby on esty.
No offense rando baby, you so sold it to me though.

The BT List
Technically I haven't gotten to mark off anything on the BT list, the burlesque show turned out to be kinda... Ick. So we went out to the Wine Cellar and on to Farrell's on Dickson. Note: all of them have mighty tasty water and are a non-smoking establishment. :)
We've stayed very busy considering! James has been to the lake every weekend and my weekends have been non-stop as well.
Life as we know it is about to change!

Had my first biweekly check up Tuesday, I've only gained a lb since the last visit putting me at 20 lbs total gained. I'm still pretty happy with this even though I only wanted to gain 20 throughout the entire 40 weeks. So now I'm shooting for 25 or less.
I had a pretty major stomach bug a couple weeks ago (beware of the bug!!) and I think that contributed to my lack of gaining. Anyway, I'll take it.
More importantly- Tru is doing well, measuring fine, getting harder in the belly area and still a lil tender. In two more weeks we'll start weekly checks then after all that he's gotta get out of his womb! At our 30 week U/S his head was right at my cervix and my bladder and I suspect he's still there because the bladder sure takes a beating. Thanks for taking one for the team friend!

Game of Thrones
Anyone watch GOT? James and I really like it. We watched the season finale this week and immediately after it was over James asked "so when does it come on again?" heh. Sadly it'll be awhile eh? Showtime/HBO sure likes to torture us!!
*perk- Trublood is back this Sunday!!!

I won't spoil anything for you all but let me just say that White Walker "monkey" on the GOT finale scared the crap out of me!!

Did you know LLLI has a ZMag?! It's wonderful! It really gave me a lot to think about and be thankful for.
I have a little "me project" and my plan is to stock up on quick foods for the 1st 6-8 weeks like...
Hearty muffin mix
Eggs (boil/fry)
Smoothie material
Raw Veggies
Rice Milk
Sandwich/roll up food
Crock pot meals
And snacks like- Hummus, dip, nuts, fruit, good snack bars, and maybe some cheese and yogurt.

Yeah I pretty much just posted my grocery list :)

Here's a link to the LLLI ZMag: clickie!

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  1. Bahhh cant wait for the pictures from miles!

    Also you may have been the one to tell me about this who knows but anyways
    pretty sweet if you are ok with eating what other people cook. Our church always supplies meals for new moms this way I can put in my likes & dislikes. Not having to think about meals is such a blessing. But still smart to have all the other foods on hand too!!


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