Friday, June 29, 2012

Dream Vaca

Today's Topic:

Tell us about your dream vacation!

Where would you go? Have you been there before? Who would go with you? What about it draws you in?

Alright I gotta do two:

I'd go back to Alaska in a heartbeat. Honestly I'd live in AK during the summer and come back here, Arkasas in the winter if I was a gabillionaire. There is something so majestic about Alaska and I'm certain I left a piece of my heart there. We went to AK in June 2010 on a cruise of the inner passage. Which was great but if I could do it differetly I'd skip the touristy cruise stuff and camp and hike as much as possible. Oh and FISH FISH FISH!!! Of course I'd go with whoever wanted to go but I'd love it if James and our son would be there too. :)

A place I've never been- New Zealand.
James has always wanted to go and I'm right there with him. There's something so mysterious about New Zealand and we're just dying to get out there and see what it's all about. Not to mention it's drop dead gorgeous out there as well!


  1. New Zealand...that is one place I never thought of going. It is mysterious to me in that I don't know much about it. Off to research New Zealand vacays...

  2. We thought about going on an Alaskan cruise too! How was it? Denver went there for a wedding. Crazy I know. The wedding was in the middle of December, and i didn't really want to go. It was a super fast trip!


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