Monday, June 18, 2012

Find your happy place

This weekend we started child birthing classes provided by the willow creek women's hospital.
I was very apprehensive of taking these two "intense" day classes, but now that we're half the way through I'm glad we signed up!

One of my favorite things we've talked about is breathing techniques (think hee-hee-hoo) assessing yourself (like meditation), and finding your happy place. I don't know if I'll remember to use any of these during the labor, I'm hoping James will help me remember to use them...
Anyways, regardless if we utilize them I was glad to have a refresher on stress reducing techniques and will definitely need them when the going gets rough.
Anyway she had us do a "happy place" exercise, and we all sat in silence as she "took us there" and we envisioned our happy places what we saw, felt, smelled, tasted and heard. It made me really happy and relaxed! I asked James yesterday what his happy place was and he said it was Gothic, CO and I told him that mine was the dock, Diamond City, AR :) ah it's the little things! When I went on my "virtual tour" of the dock I felt sunshine, smelt fresh air, heard the kids playing and water splashing, saw the water and all the love, insta-happy!

Where is your happy place? What makes it so special?

Here's ours :)

2nd runner up for my happy place, Haines AK
James' happy place, Gothic CO
Another AK pic

My happy place, the dock, Diamond City AR 

I love it here!

By the way: 30 days until Truman's due date! We can't wait to meet the little nugget! My reservations and anxiety are subsiding and I'm getting full blown excited!!

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