Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hooray for 37 weeks!
Our little man is full term now and I suppose he can come out as soon as he pleases!
According to webmd, sprout app, etc etc his lungs are now fully developed and he'll spend these next few weeks making his way down the birthing canal, gaining weight/storing fat, practicing blinking, swallowing, preparing his lungs for breathing. Cool stuff!
I will definitely say I've reached semi-uncomfortable, not full blown uncomfortable or miserable by any means. I'm ready to get "me" back and start working on looking decent for Colby Beth's wedding!
Oh and had another weekly dr apt yesterday, the effacing and dilation has started!
So I guess those tightening sensations I've felt are BH's.
Go team female reproductive system, keep up the good work!

Here's "belly" pics through the whole process (obviously up until 37 weeks)

10/30/11 Little did we know...

18 weeks

somewhere in 2nd tri

2nd tri

32 weeks

37 weeks!

Also I have had an epiphany:
Talk about pregnancy, labor/delivery and child rearing is the equivalent to talking about the weather. We all think we're experts and we have the answers but the truth of the matter is not even the experts know for sure.

I can see now why Dr. Bailey got slightly frustrated with me when I asked him questions like I've been told I'm too small for my weeks or Is it OK that I'm still laying on my back at night? 
No one knows (but God) when you'll go into labor*
No one knows if you are carrying a big baby until s/he's out on the scale, we can assume all day long. Even the cranial circumference measurements taken in a U/S can be off.
No one except for the pregnant person/OB knows if you've dropped. Did you know when you "drop" it's only a couple inches?
No one knows if your child will hit the milestones early, late or right on time.
Every pregnancy/delivery/baby/child/tween/teen/adult is different.
There will always be kids out there more advanced/taller/heavier/lighter and less advanced/taller/heavier/lighter than yours.
Same with your parenting, there will always be better and worse parents out there.
I can't stannnnnd the competitive and comparative -ness out there. And at first I will politely dismiss it, but you do not provoke a momma bear, eventually the teeth will come out.
We will do the best we can, that's all we can do.
Of course we welcome genuine advice and help from our family and friends. Always have, always will. 

*unless of course you're being induced/planned c-section

Alright I'm stepping off my soapbox. I've just heard a lot of awful information/opinions lately.
I actually had one lady tell me to start jumping on a trampoline, and another tell me to stay out of the sun or I'll boil him alive.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're due right after me! Not too much longer :) You made such good point here. Just ignore what other people say. Ask those you trust for advice, and ignore everyone else. I can't believe people have told you that crazy stuff... boil him alive?! What?! If I learned anything from baby #1 it's to TRUST YOUR BODY and as much as you'll want to, don't force things to happen. Your body will do what it's supposed to when it's ready! Looking forward to following along as you welcome your sweet boy!

  2. Oh Ape! It gets better only when you smile and nod when you really are thinking ugly things under your breath! Lol! People are opinionated And everyone thinks theiy are the only ones who know how to raise a baby. Puke! Anyways you have maternal instincts they will surprise the heck out of you as soon as you have that sweet boy in your arms and you will know what is right for him and you, period. Don't let people stress you out. Enjoy these last few days. Not long at all now! Loved this post.


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