Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reality Check?

Happy 100th post to our blog... I thought I'd make our 100th post about our maternity pictures buuuuttttt I'm still waiting on them. So, I'll make the post about Truman's 36 week apt and reality settling in my dense brain.

36 week apt... aka "let the weekly checks begin"

 Had my first cervical check yesterday, I was expecting it to be a lot more invasive than it actually was. Either that or I'm livestock and nothing really phases me. This sounds gross, but no dilation, however my cervix is soft. So I guess that's a good thing.  I've been experiencing BH's every once in awhile since T3 began but now they're everyday a few times a day. Nothing painful, just weird. No true contractions (tightening of the entire uterus) either. Which is a good thing because little man needs to bake a bit longer in my opinion. Plus I've got a few more things on my Before Truman list I'd like to mark off.
Things I can mark off my list:
I had a La Huerta night with some of my buddies mmmmm
My brother treated me to Copeland's yesterday, om nom nom fatty likeie!
James and I are having Chinese/Thai tonight. Truman is a huge fan of Pad Thai.
Pretty much my life now revolves around food, what I ate, what I'm eating and what I'm going to eat.
Oh yeah and being a parent for the rest of my life, and how shit's getting real. 

Shit's getting real...
So I mentioned in my last post that my anxiety is subsiding, and at that moment it was... but it's back. Hello again freak out!
This pregnancy in reality has been easy, a walk in the park, a breeze... like I said, I'm livestock I'm pretty sure my body is a baby making/popping out factory. Now what about PARENTING!?!?! I'm not scared of going into labor, the pain, the *ick*, the sweating, pushing, bloated beyond all reason thanks to the IV but I am scared of being a eff up parent.
Right now, and for the past ~26 years I've been able to play with peoples babies and HAND THEM BACK. Now, people will be handing this one back to me. "Here he's stinky you fix. Oh he's crying, you fix. You're the milk, you fix." Yikes, responsibility! I know we're going to love the crap out of him, and I simply cannot wait for him to "be here", but I am nervous, there's no point in hiding it. I keep telling myself all you can do is take one moment at a time and handle it to the best of my ability and thank sweet Jesus, James is much smarter than I am and can guide me in the right direction.


  1. You guys are already fantastic parents!! And, you're not livestock :)

  2. April, let me just tell you something, especially since now I'm going to be doing this for a 3rd time... I don't care if it's number 1 or number 3, you still feel like when you get home and you're alone with them it is like "now what?!!??!!" After that first day and night (the days were easier the nights seemed to worry me a bit) you get the routine and you seriously know what you're doing. You will be amazed at how you will already know what each cry means even if it's the first time you hear them. Don't feel stupid asking the nurses questions about things (honestly when Ryan was in the hospital I asked them how often I should change his diaper. Hello... I have a 15 month old right there I was changing diapers on as well you would think I would know, but they were all so nice and knew I was just worried and nervous again. :) ) You guys are very intelligent and you have educated yourselves already! Just realize you can do it. It's all gonna fall into place when you hold him for the first time.

  3. Whooo! The final stretch! Figuratively and literally :)

  4. You're going to be an amazing mom! I'm so happy for you April and I any wait to meet him and your hubby even if it's when he's 2, because that's how it usually goes.



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