Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And it goes on and on...

I can mark something else off of our Before Truman list!
James took me to dinner & a movie Friday night. Oh and I got to pick both, score! (I'm 5)
We ate Chinese, something Tman and I "require" on a weekly basis and went to see Rock of Ages, the Movie! I got to see the play last fall so I was stoked to see the movie and see how Hollywood portrayed the play.
I really liked the movie, and I REALLY liked the music. It was a tad bit long though IMO. I will also say that the star-studded cast helped the movie out greatly. Tom Cruise played Stacee Jaxx and James and I believe this was our favorite performance by Tom! He was so "not" Tom Cruise that it made it great. Alec Baldwin, Mary J Blige and Russell Brand did such wonderful jobs too!
I've heard "If my life was a musical I wish it was _______ ". Well, if my life was a musical Id want it to be Rock of Ages so I'd at least know the damn words to what we were always singing.

Magic Mike:

I have NOT seen Magic Mike, but I did see the preview for it and oh my good golly.
That movie is chalked full of eye candy but the one that took the cake to me was Matthew Mcconaughey. I know what I'll go see if I feel like I need some help inducing labor!!

I'm certain my preference for the MM stems from my long time love of Woody Harrelson. It all started with Cowboy Way. An all time favorite movie of my dad and I. We can pretty much watch this movie on mute and recite the whole show.

Alright that's enough eye candy for one day, a girl can only take so much.


  1. I want to see Rock of Ages SOOO bad but we are seeing in on Broadway in NYC over Labor Day...so I can't see the movie before the play...so it has to wait! I am going to see Magic Mike this weekend, though! :)

  2. 1) Totally with you on the dance scene in Cowboy Way, I may just have to watch that tonight :)
    2) My guess is July 18th 4:16 am 7 lbs 8 oz
    3) Love your maternity pics, you and James look so excited!!


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