Friday, July 6, 2012

Etsy Finds & Homemade Goodness

I love etsy, and homemade items in general.
However, Ashley Love should have her hands slapped for showing such an impressionable person! Shame!

My Etsy Finds

Ring Sling:
As long as our little guy permits I'll be a sling wearing momma. I have a hot sling and a moby sling and I can't wait to use them all. I heard through an LLLI meeting ring slings are great too. Plus I love this color!

Handmade Giraffe: 
Yes, I've lost it, I've gone giraffe overboard! I just couldn't resist this adorable stuffed teether/plush giraffe! 

This is the only little "hint" I'm going to show for Tru's newborn pics. I. Can't. Wait!

Minky Crib Sheet: 
Oh yeah, had to get him a minky giraffe crib sheet, I think this will be so nice during the colder months! 

Nursing bracelet:
Genius suggestion on Jenny and Mollies part (thank you) this little bracelet is going to be so handy! You can move it from arm to arm to remember which "side" to nurse on next and move the charm to document the last time you nursed!

Minky Car Straps:
I bought a carseat cover for the infant car seat we're borrowing in hopes to return it in the excellent condition it was loaned to us in. I decided he needed a little fluff addition. <3

Homemade Goodness From Friends & Family 

A few months ago I blogged on buying several yards of fabric, and couldn't wait until it was all done... Well, it's done!! The super talented and too sweet Anna Chappell made our little man new fitted sheets for my old bassinet (all of my cousins and brother used this bassinet too) as well as several other adorableness things with the scraps!
The bassinet, fabric finally updated after about 30 years... MUCH NEEDED!

Anna made taggies burp cloths, and bibs out of scraps. She also made him this receiving blanket out of this adorable puppy material I fell in love with at the fabric store! So soft!
Even MORE homemade goodness by family and friends!  
Lets face it, I know so many talented people! :) Which is a good thing because I lack talent bad. 
Stuffed Giraffe made by Jenny Samples mom, Paula Watkins. Giraffe blanket made by Jana Fancher. Camo crocheted blanket made by my Aunt Vicky and Patchwork quilt made by Jenny Oliver


  1. Oh my goodness...the bassinet bedding is so adorable! You are lucky to have such crafty people in your life!

  2. I love love the bassinet bedding and all the stuff she made. Makes me so mad I did not learn to sew. I love love love the stuff people can make.


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