Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's OK Thursdays

It's OK...

... To have heartburn as bad as a middle aged, overweight man.

... To confuse contractions with gas.

... To eat a Fiber One bar everyday and wonder each time. "WHY?!"

... To notice your mother, motherinlaw, sisterinlaw and yourself are LOSING it. :)
(if we're going down, at least we're going down together)

... That my new favorite thing is monistat anti chafing gel (try it, you'll love it)

... To dance like this when you're pregnant :)

... To go see Magic Mike tonight!

... To be waiting impatiently on a little boy in my tummy.

... To have your hospital bags packed waiting at the door!


  1. hahah you crack me up!
    and can I just say I LOVE your diaper bag print and your vera overnight bag print too! you're such a stylish mama to be :)

  2. Oh the anti-chafing gel. When I used to walk outside for my exercise, I would use that stuff like it was doing out of style. Thank goodness for Zumba in an air conditioned gym!

  3. I am so loving your diaper bag! Super cute!! And your phone case is awesome too!


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