Monday, July 16, 2012

The prelude

... A plan to make a plan.
Even my body is a super planner.

I'm going to do my best to stop annoying my friends with newborns, and read for my answers.

According to this handy-dandy book I'm in the Prelude To Labor and according to my symptoms I've been there for nine days now.

- excitement & anxiety
- nesting instinct
- more episodes of BH's
- babies activity level may change
- increased pressure in pelvic floor
- increased dc

I'm also really starting to get a handle on what pre-labor BHs feel like. They did move from mildly noticeable to semi-uncomfortable, but the kicker I keep telling myself is real contractions get longer, stronger and closer together no matter what you do they don't stop. So when I have uncomfortable BHs I lay down and they subside. This is all very fascinating to me!

This weekend was pretty... well... boring. James and I jumped on the nesting bandwagon and cleaned out the garage, I aired up the bike tires, washed the bikes & lubed the chains. A futile effort as I don't get to ride. I cleaned the house, vacuumed, swept and mopped the floors. Did the dishes, clothes, towels, sheets and dog are all clean too. James did a ton too, he moved all of our scrap lumber from building the house out of the garage *hooray!!!* and mowed, weed-eated the yard. He's so handy!

Induction Tips
 Since I hit 39 weeks I've been trying different fun things to induce! As I've mentioned previously my fun greatly revolves around FOOD right now so I have tried red-curry Thursday, shrimp etoufee & hot sauce Friday, salsa verde  Saturday and spicy brats Sunday. All tasty, all useless to induce, IMO. I walked a mile Saturday and am doing my best to stay upright/standing and let gravity do some work.
We've tried some other fun ones too! 
Fun induction article on bellybelly

So to be honest, I have no idea what I'm feeling but I really and truly don't feel like real labor is close. During the day I'm very comfortable, and at night I can sleep like a rock. All I have is pressure on my hips and pelvis, lots and lots of attention getting but not awful BH's and his movements have really changed. It seems like he has longer periods of  being awake and sleeping.
I go back to the doctor Thursday for my 40 week apt and at that point we'll set an induction date.

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  1. I am so fascinated by fetal development stuff too. I always read all kinds of stuff about it. It's pretty amazing! You're so close! I know it's hard to wait, but let him come out in his own time. By all means, try all the induction stuff you want, but wait as long as possible to be induced! It's soooo much better to let him come when he's ready! So soon!


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