Thursday, July 19, 2012

You're past your due date!

What the whaaaa?!
At least we have a sense of humor about all of this.

I'm going to keep this short as I'm really pretty done talking about pregnancy (namely mine, let's talk about yours!).
Saw the doctor today, no progress.
I've tried induction techniques every day now so that tells us he's just not ready.
He has 5-6 days to decide on his own then we'll be induced.
Here's the plan: I go back Tuesday if I've not "ripened" anymore I'll be admitted that night and work on dilating/effacing all night, my doc will break my water Wednesday AM and we'll get the show on the road then. If I've changed from now until Tuesday, but no baby we'll just come in Wednesday AM and go from there.
Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way but I am so relieved! We have a plan! (super planner) he has more time to get here on his own but when it comes down to the wire the dr will make the call.
The doc said he's very good sized and I'm right on track at 40 weeks! He is crawling up my ribs now as I type (ow).

So I decided that I need a distraction, something for myself, something to keep me from going stir-crazy.
I started a book...
Not a parenting book
Not a pregnancy book
Not a labor/delivery book
I started the ever so addictive 50 shades of Gray. :)
Christian Gray sounds like a total hottie thus far. (5 chapters in)
Heck I see where people get the "50 shades of gray babies" thing from. We may very well get pregnant again before this pregnancy is done! Haha.
(side note- I had a client use that on me when I was a social worker) yes apparently everyone is allowed to try and procreate. :-/

One other little blurb on this pregnancy:
I think a lot of my/our/our babies hold up is a mental thing I have going on. I am full of anxiety. I'm worried, nervous, scared, ill prepared- you name it. There needs to be a book on mentally getting your shit together before going into labor/last few weeks of pregnancy. Having a sense that "no matter what this is coming to an end, and you'll be in good hands" today has greatly eased my anxiety. I feel safer, secure and more comfortable.
Maybe I can actually sleep tonight!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I hated feeling the baby in my ribs that last month. Torture!

    I hope Mr. Tru decides to come out soon on his own :) He needs to be nice to his mommy!


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