Wednesday, August 15, 2012

three weeks old!

Happy 3-Weeks Baby Boy!
I had this very long, gut spilling blog about my challenges with my supply and not satisfying our son.
And I seriously accidentally deleted it. Very depressing as I don't get too much free time to blog.

Here's hoping this madness was just a 3-week growth spurt. Today is a better day. He's sleeping more & going a little longer between feedings... Today.

my 1st work shirts

daddy loves me

Truman & Berkley

Mommom & her newest great-grandbabies

Berkley & Truman!

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  1. Aww :) Don't beat yourself up over it too much apes. I did the same thing and it made me depressed. I didn't make enough milk for Em. I could only nurse her for about 10 weeks. We had to start using formula because she was still hungry :( it made me feel like a failure. Not good. But in the end she is a happy healthy baby and that's what matters. It will all be okay! Hope you are getting some sleep! Love you!


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