Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holy Milkdown!!!

Today is awful in the world of Truman Paul.

Where do I even begin?


For by birthday I asked for Cheesecake.
Dip. Shit. Mistake.

So Wednesday night we had our cake and ate it too.... Thursday was full of belly hurting cries but I assumed the Prevacid for his GERD still hadn't kicked in. So Thursday night I had another piece of cheesecake.
FRIDAY- at least 5 inconsolable outbursts accompanied with -- arching back-- shrieks of pain -- hard as a rock belly -- refusal to eat -- wheezing breath -- coughing cries -- splotchy scalp -- crazy hands all over face.
One that lasted an hour plus. I kid you not.
That's when it hit me also in the middle of praying to God to PLEASE take this horrific pain away from him that it was that motherloving cheesecake.

So Saturday I was extremely mindful and avoided dairy all day.
My folks invited us over for dinner where mom made her enchilada's with cream of mushroom sauce.
I hesitated even eating them but what do you do? "these are nice and all, can I please have a PB&J?"
So I scraped off as much as I could and ate.
TODAY (aka Sunday, Funday)
Funday my ass.
He's either been asleep or crying since 8:30 it's 12:40 now...

We've tried everything!
Every angle you can imagine
And nursing at all of these angles too.
Pumping legs
Rubbing tummy (which btw bad idea)
Laying on side
Laying on belly

We got about 3 minutes of smiles thanks to James "magic wedge" aka his legs propped up on the coffee table + shooshing +bicycle legs


Cows milk protein I HATES YOU!!

I kept thinking, "It's not cows milk allergy because he doesn't vomit nor does he have bloody stools" until I found this.

So I'm pretty pissed.
I'm pissed at me 1st off for not eliminating dairy right off the bat
(like I mentioned doing before he was born)
I'm pissed at me for not eliminating it as soon as he started having these GERD symptoms.
I'm pissed at how hard this is going to be.
I'm pissed at the dependency I have on dairy.

I can look at this as a win -MF'in- win
Win- surely to goodness cutting out dairy will mean a slightly less pudgy April.
Win- this will make our baby boy happy.
Win- this elimination has got to be a healthy change for me. Right?

Clearly you can tell I have wrote this post in the heat of the moment.

Going to lay down now!


  1. Oh, friend! I'm sorry. That really stinks :((

  2. Ok iPhone hates me. I was gonna say....

    Gurrrrrrllllll. I cans help you! I have recipes for dairy free cream of something soups that will still allow you the ability to make casseroles. I recommend rice milk over almond or soy for allergy's sake. And also, for any butter substitution, blue bonnet light has not a stitch of dairy in it and is 99 cents a pound.

  3. Oh man! So sorry, lady! If you go the soy milk route, you should know that Silk Soymilk and Great Value Soymilk at WM are both made by Whitewave (I use to work on their WM account) go the cheaper route vs branded. =) Good luck!

  4. Ohhhh man!!! As soon as I read the word cheesecake I bit my lip. Dang!! Well to put a positive spin on this there are LOT'S of good dairy free options. You have ONF right there to help you with all your non-dairy needs. I'll be scanning the store for options that you can pick up there. And the other plus side is this isnt for the rest of your life. And hopefully not even tru's! Just a temporary change like not drinking while pregnant. You get use to it, sometimes you are enraged by it and before you know it its over.


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