Saturday, September 1, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

A baby.

And not just any baby...
We're talking about a
Tear free
1-2 hour eating
Gut-wrenching cries free
Yet sleeps more than ever before
1/2 as gassy

Baby boy
Who has Acid Reflux or "Silent GERD"
And now we know so we're on the right track.

Now we're gonna knock this out!

Today was the best day our little one has had so far.
We went to the store & everyone got to see him. He was happy the entire time & all the way home.
We went to my brothers house and he slept the entire time!
We ventured to Bentonville where he slept through dinner and JcPenney's.
I woke him up to nurse and we checked out Cabelas where he was happy the hour we were in there (huge fan of the lights) and slept the ride home!
I'm the happiest mom alive!
I got to take a bath and shave my legs
When I got out Truman wasn't screaming!

Between his Zantac & my domperdion we are a happy family. Even daddy is all smiles too!

I took Truman to the dr Wednesday when the lactation consultant I talk to said it sounds like he has reflux. When I looked it up on the realization hit me much like this:

YES! I have seen the light!!!

Here all along I thought he was just starving and I wasn't giving him enough. The Dr. said that a baby will nurse for comfort shortly after feeding as breast milk is a natural antacid.

The lactation consultant said we should see a bump in his ounces gained per week now that:
1- he's feeling better
2- he's crying less
3- my meds kick in

I just wanna say.

Hell Yeah!! Happy Baby!!
No longer going insane momma!!!


  1. He is an adorable baby and I miss you lady. Maybe some day if I am ever in your neck of the woods we will have to meet for lunch.

  2. Oh yay!! So glad you've got things figured out. And so happy that you can have some rest finally!

  3. Sounds like it has been rough! I have been thinking of you, but it sounds like you have this parenting thing down.

  4. So, I didn't realize my Leibster Award post had posted LOL! I thought it was still a draft. In my sleepy stupor last night I must have posted's still a work in progress and took longer than I thought :) I need to come see you guys soon. I would love to meet little man!

  5. Wow that is amazing. I'm glad all the puzzle pieces are fitting together! :) You are going to be the best advice giver to new moms having conquered so much already! I am so glad Tru can show his wonderful cuddly baby side now that he isnt fighting the pain of acid reflux!


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