Friday, September 7, 2012

Six Weeks!

We're six weeks old this week!
So far this has been a fantastic week. He's talking to us, cooing and we're getting social smiles!
We've been on a few road trips to town with daddy while he's off this week and have managed just fine!

Funny of the week:
In the mornings I make a pillow throne (like in the pix above) and let little man sit up and work some toots out. Well this particular morning daddy was sitting with him commenting on the tremendous amount of tooting going on then James says "uh-oh, blowout."
Yup, Truman sharted.
Needless to say our bed had clean sheets on it that night.

Have you ever tried to breast feed a boomerang?

Truman's gas is still pretty painful on him. He makes fists, turns red, strains, cries, grunts, cries while nursing, and arches his back. It seems so terrible for him. I've been doing a bit of research on all of this and websites say:
- wear/hold your baby (upright)
- place in prone position (on belly)
- rest at 30 degree angle
- nurse head above tummy
- bicycle legs
- massage tummy
- gas drops, gripe water, probiotics
- magic baby hold
- burp baby often
- watch diet for trouble foods (dairy, wheat etc.)

And so on.

I wish I could do something to stop it before it becomes a problem.
I do know we have tried all of those things mentioned above and not one of them is our "go-to" move.
We do most of the above mentioned but the only way to calm him down is to nurse.
Anyone have an anti-gas technique they'd like to share?
Anyone know when this gets better?

My Life Planner

Oh I love it!!
I bought a few of these last year for family & friends, and now I have my own!!

Lastly the storm!
We haven't had a storm like this in awhile! It actually made me nervous.
maybe it's because I have a bit more responsibility now...
The storm moved our metal patio furniture off the slab and broke the umbrella in half. :-/

Baby boy pics:


  1. We would lay sam belly down across our lap and bounce like your legs like you have to pee and the preacher is long winded. I don't know why but it soothed him every time.

    1. Try it and let me know! Nice calf workout too. Sam fell asleep most of the time.

  2. Sweet baby boy :-) I can't believe it's been 6 wks already!

  3. Hey Chubby Bubby! I love that first picture with the double chin. Well I love all the pictures! We didnt deal much with gas but the few times we did putting Mia on her belly helped. She would start crying and the crying and holding her head off the floor helped her push out the gas. I HATED laying on the floor with her completely helpless patting her back while she cried but it did the trick. Same trick somewhat applied when she started potty training and wouldnt want to get on the toilet, then crying on the toilet pushed out the pee then she would start laughing and clapping. Kids just dont realize we know whats best for them. I'm so glad you guys have gotten in a few outings! :) How exciting!


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