Wednesday, September 12, 2012


First and foremost I love that our baby boy is 7 weeks old today!!
I love that he smiles and talks to us a little more every day.
I love that he's finally starting to feel better.
I love that he's taking more and more little naps now that his reflux isn't waking him up as much.
I love that he's loving his swing! And that he's found himself in the mirror mobile!
I'm loving block nursing, since he wants to nurse almost constantly I'm offering one side every 2-hours and I believe that this has cut down on our gas pain issue. I also feel like he's actually getting a meal instead of several side salads that don't keep him satisfied for long.
I also love that he has the same amount of diapers everyday and I can actually feel a difference in his weight!

I'm loving Mad Men!
I've watched all the way through season four and I'm ready for more!
I actually had a dream last week I did a blog post on "everything I know about 1960's I learned from Mad Men"
All I know really is that everyone seems so elegant and well spoken, however the show makes me want to cough from all the cigarette smoke!
Also * possible spoiler * I hate that the bearded guy & Sal aren't on there anymore. :-/

I'm loving that a good friend of mine started a blog, she makes me laugh daily through emails, now I get to read her hilarious banter through blog too!

While on the subject- Im glad Jenny Samples has picked hers back up too!!
It's fun to see pics of her darling son and watch him grow!

I'm loving that my hubba hubba husband has a new job!!
He now works for Pure Fishing as a sales analyst!

They sell things like:

To me this is the equivalent of a shoe obsessed lady working for Jimmy Choo.

Lucky guy!

End o post funnies:

Oh oh oh!!
I love these piggies!


  1. I nominated you for a blog award! See what it's about here:!/2012/09/liebster-award.html

  2. I'm loving that being a momma is becoming less of a crazy roller coaster for you! Whhhattt on james job!!! Sweet! Every mans (well every country boy) dream! I LOVE the one of tru smiling! Melting my heart!

    1. I didn't know if I should mention your blog name. Cause it's VIP!


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