Monday, October 15, 2012

Little did I retain...

What I wish I would have known/remembered about the first few weeks...

- That first night home when he nursed for hours on end, totally normal.
- When people say its hard but it gets easier is true.
- And by hard, they mean it in every way, emotionally, mentally & even sometimes physically.
- It's called nursing for a reason, they don't always go to the breast for food only.
- S/he's going to want to be with you constantly, s/he'll prefer you over anyone else because you are all s/he's ever known.
- Just because others hold her/him and s/he doesn't like it does not mean there's a problem.
- Dairy is the enemy (ha kidding a bit)
- babies are gassssy.
- search for a pediatrician that jives with you.
- stock up on batteries
- they're a heck of a lot tougher than you give them credit.
- try to live in the moment when you can. They will never be this small again.
- remember in tough times: "this too shall pass."
- You will gain a momma bear instinct: you'll be prepared to kill anything that may harm.
- every baby is different!
- those smiles/giggles and coos own your soul.
- your life for awhile will revolve around poop.
- You learn more and more as you go.

* I'm seriously going to make myself re-read this when I'm pregnant with our second child.

What do you wish you'd known/remembered?


  1. I desperately needed to read this post now. So so true (as I repeat several of the list in my head...)

  2. To take advice from your husband or mother - they aren't trying to critique you or tell you that you are a bad mom... I would get so defensive :( I wish I would have known they were just trying to help.

  3. I wish I would have taken more pictures of her & I together. I have ten thousand of her but very few of us together. I felt fat. I realize now being fat after a baby doesnt matter. You covered so many of my "I wish I knew" already. You got your head in the game much sooner than me! :) LOL I made this list mentally around 6 months.

  4. He is sooooooo cute!


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