Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Months Old!!

Well, today's the day, little man is 3 months old!
Doesn't seem that long ago he was turning one month & I was losing my mind!
So much has changed, and gotten better by far... except for that whole losing my mind bit.
This month he's really changed...
He's squealing, cooing and talking so much more...
He's become quite the social butterfly here at work & if I may say so... a bit of a flirt. Yesterday he wanted very little to do with me & went around with my mom for an hour seeing other people!

His hands are constantly in his mouth... sometimes sucking fingers or thumbs, but nothing consistent.

He still nurses often, but the time is much shorter and he has TONS more quiet & engaged times.
Meaning... He's becoming a lot more fun. That may not be the nicest thing to say but it's pretty true.
He's really enjoying books and TV... baseball mainly... James says Truman says "There's my four favorite players, pitcher, catcher, hitter & ump!" because he always seems to squeal when they're batting.

Here's a favorite pic of ours while Carlie was reading to him last weekend. ---->

I'd say he's doing 110% better than he was at this time last month.

So much so that he and I have been doing little mini-play-with-momma's-big-camera photo sessions in the afternoons after his "long" nap.

He and daddy are bonding more and more as well, every night James comes home he'll hold him in his "poop position" while I cook dinner.

Poop position? You're weird Jechs...

He's also a big fan of the Bumbo now, he'll hang out in it and watch TV... I think we may have a TV
bug on our hands!

side note: here I am bragging on how much better things are and he just had a major sleepy melt down.

We're definitely going in/in/coming out of the three month growth spurt. He's been nursing every two hours, all night long for the past couple days.

Wheeew... What else?
T's definitely discovered Hank. He hasn't reached out to touch him, but he likes to talk to and look at him!

As of today, according to our trusty analog scale & measuring tape:
Tman weighs- 13lb 2oz
& is 25" inches long!

Here's a sweet video from Aunt Mollie-


  1. Aw, gone with the fourth trimester! Love this chub cheek little man :-)

  2. Isn't it amazing how quickly they change. That Bumbo picture is adorable!

    I nominated you...

  3. Wow! 3 months already! Gosh those eyes are going to get lots of girls in trouble some day!

    I was just talking to this mom who bought this toothbrush

    here at the Market. She took it out of the container while we were talking and her baby instantly put it in her mouth and started biting/chewing it. Its easy for the baby to hold. The mom said they have tons of teething toys that the baby never uses. Who would have thought a toothbrush? I instantly thought of you since you asked about teething stuff a few weeks ago. I'm willing to try it for our next baby. And double bonus the baby can get a teeth brushing in too :) I think its more of a massage for the gums anyways.

  4. So the picture of him with the red bear is PRECIOUS! Love it! PS. I gave you an award on my blog today! :)


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