Thursday, October 4, 2012


Zmombie- mother running on lack of sleep obtaining zombie like status.

Heh :)
Truman was 10...
Weeks yesterday!!!
Holy smokes.

We had Tru's 2 month well check this AM and met the nicest doctor!! I've decided that she will be the doctor he sees each time we go!

She was super thorough and she checked out T for tongue tie and she says he has it. I've been trying to get him to stick his tongue out at me for a couple weeks now and he won't stick it out past his gums.
She referred him to an ENT and we go next week. :-/
I'm HOPING this will resolve a bit of his frequent nursing too.
Speaking of gums, Tru is teething! I'd wondered why he'd been drooling so much and our Doc said that's what's going on! I'm excited/nervous. I really didn't think this whole teething thing would start so soon.

How our new *favorite* pediatrician just saved James & I hundreds of dollars ...
Instead of spending 200$ a month on prescription Prevacid we can now get it OTC

Apparently it's the same dosage!
However now we have to break apart the capsules & let it sit in a bit of breast milk (say in a baby spoon) then feed it to him! Wah-lah! Big money SAVED!!
Tru's weight is still improving! He weighed 11 lb 6 oz!! This just tickled me to death. I'm so glad he's gaining weight better than he was before his medication!

Lastly on the ped apt.
Effing vaccinations.

Talk about a soul sucking experience.
Ugh. The look on his face.
Pure HELL!!
I really didn't want to do it, but there have been too many outbreaks of diseases a in our area. I just can't imagine Tru getting meningitis or TB when it can so easily be prevented.
He cried, I cried, we cried together. We nursed, he slept, and all is better now.

More proof that I'm subhuman

We had Colby Beth's bachelorette party this past weekend and what a blast it was!
Darling, saint, sweetheart Aunt Mollie took care of Tru while I went out for the very first time. It was Devine.
I. Was. Ready.


  1. Love the smiles! Just a thought about the "teething", its super common for babies to start drooling a lot at this age because they start to make more saliva than they can swallow. So he may or may not be teething at this point. Good news about the Prevacid! And bummer about the tongue tie. But that should DEFINITELY help with nursing. Glad you figured it out!

    1. I thought I read that about drooling and that's all it was. I dunno why she'd say its teething if its not. She said we wouldn't see any for 2-3 months.
      I dread the tongue thing. Bleh.

  2. OH my gosh! The picture of him at the end with the double chin will be my undoing!!! He is so adorable! He looks like he's up to something. I love it! I'm glad you got to go out! Well deserved, Much needed! I'm sorry to hear about the tongue-tied sitch. I actually had to google it. I didnt know much about it!


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