Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 days of Thankfulness days 1-7

day seven


I was going to write on friends but I will save that for when I have more time to write about it.

From Big Bang Theory - Dexter I love me some TV shows.

Currently we are obsessed with:
Modern Family
How I met your mother

And I'm loving:
Once upon a time


day six

I limit myself to one caffeinated beverage every day and my pick of poison happens to be Starbucks frappuccino.
They. Are. My. Crack.

Moving on!

day five
Brilliant minds.

I am in awe of people who are smart, talented, eloquent etc.

Business Mind--

My father has a brilliant business mind, he can see an opportunity in the ugliest property, house, shed, hoarders property, run down chicken houses, automobiles, grown up farms and commercial properties. He turns these toads into princes amazingly every time.
He's pretty cool. :)
Plus I got his potty mouth & nose so I got that going for me, which is nice.

Medical Minds---
those that combat cancer and other craptastic dies eases out there.

I'm in awe of my OB, Dr. Lindsey Seale
Labor story-

Dr. Seales daughter- "mom, Sally's mom makes her homemade dresses, will you make me homemade dresses?"
Dr. Seale- "no I can't do that, but I can take out Sally's moms uterus."

Boo-yah you little bad ass you!

Artsy Minds--
Beauty in every inch of the world you say? Make me believe it!

Becki my MIL can paint, draw, sculpt, weave, hot glue, you name it. Her talents amaze me! (She's entirely too humble about it too if you ask me)

Another brilliant artsy mind is Miles Witt Boyer. He'll drag you to the ugliest of venues for your wedding related pics and when you see the final result, holy smokes! Brilliant!!

Ashley Love is artsy to me in her fashion sense. I've always been in awe of how she can piece an outfit together!

Generous Minds-

Sharon Lewis, Mollie Samples, Jenny Samples & my aunt Brandy blow me away with their ways of seeing the silver lining. They are so positive & upbeat. I want to be you all when I grow up.

Sporty Minds---

Who can pick up a ball and rock at that sport? My teenage cousin, Paige!
She's good at every sport ever! It's insane!!

Theatre minds-

Kenady Kierre can sing, dance, act and charm you with her smile. Broadway watch out! I smell a star!!

Baby Minds-

I swear to this day Tonya Reeves is the baby whisperer. She did T's NB pics and he was putty in her hands.
A few weeks ago we were eating breakfast at the store and Tonya came in and she held an already fussy boy and he chilled out!
Mollie B is the same way!

Numerical Minds--

My husband is so dang good with numbers. He makes these spreadsheets that go way over my head and can answer any math question I have in his head... Whereas I'd be like "8x65? Who knows get a calculator."

Funny Minds--

Jenny Dillon to me has a hilarious mind. She's always got a humorous story and in my opinion is a very good comedy writer.

Lets just say I'm thankful for all the amazing people I've surrounded myself with. I'm lucky as can be to know you all. I'm not worthy!

day four

The couch.

Oh lovely couch you held me through my exhausting first trimester, and then again through my third trimester. Now you take care of Truman and I through loooooots of nursing, tears and naps.

And of course through movie and family time!

Soon you'll hold little man up and we'll spill more things on you. We'll play games on you and read books.

Dear couch, you fabulous!

day three

I love to laugh and laugh!
One thing I'll credit my family for is instilling a great sense of humor in me.

I can find humor in just about anything. Even in those situation where it's just so pathetic that you gotta laugh.


In the spirit of humor check out Tman at 14 weeks giggling!

Day two

... The littles.

The little ones in our life that we've met and the little ones we have yet to meet.
Future buddies of Truman Paul.
What better time to show them off than when they're (mostly) in their cute Halloween costumes!
And our buddies lil bun:

We love you little ones!

I've been seeing people start 30 days of being thankful and I thought "what the heck"!
Surely to goodness I am thankful for 30 different things. Doing a mental list I'm pretty sure I got this.

Here we go- day 1:

In honor of today Nov. 1 aka my brothers birthday---
I'm thankful for my Brother Morgan.
Today he's 23 years young!
I can vaguely remember riding with my grandparents to the hospital to meet him and being extremely upset that IT WAS A BOY!!!
Lots and lots of tears shed something to the effect of "I don't want a brother I want a sister" things like that...

We fought a lot... Ask anyone that knew us. It's rather embarrassing hindsight. Couldn't of convinced me that in the moment!

I wouldn't trade him for nothing now he's one of my best friends. I really can be myself with him and seriously I can unleash on him faster than anything.
Like watch out mean sister attacks.

He's funny, oddly sweet, caring, single and really fun to prank.

He's my "bubby" and I'm thankful for him.

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  1. Thats so sweet! I love my brothers dearly. I didnt recognize the bearded guy! I'm always a fan of the beard.


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