Friday, November 30, 2012

Crotch Dangler

So my rotten I mean darling brother bought me a Babybjorn carrier for Christmas. We've tried the moby, the ergo and the ring sling and Tru doesn't like any of them! He'll tolerate it for about 10 minutes then he wants OUT. He screams, arches his back making all kinds of "get me the H out lady" noise.

He's really liked the Bjorn the most. I've heard it called a crotch dangler, and that its bad for hips and development. I've also heard that babies should face in.
He looooves to face out though. We've tried the hip carry in the ergo and his foot turned purple (freaked!!) and we tried hip carry in the moby and its fine just a little unstable for my taste.
So I went to the Babybjorn website and found this FAQ page that made me feel so much better. Then I got to thinking...
This is the carrier website, of COURSE they're not going to say "Yup, this thing is bad, better not use it!". So I decided to seek further help and found the hip dysphasia website and they all but come out and say this ain't good for hips.

So I'm torn, I know millions of parents have used carriers like these and have no trouble, but what are the odds that I'm not jacking up T's hips?
sorry if I'm freaking fellow Bjorn wearers out there and you're cursing me.... As if you don't have enough to worry about.

He's just so much more relaxed in this carrier vs the sling, ergo and moby.

What to do? What to do?


  1. I think using this is fine if they don't stay in it for extended periods of time. We used it and had no problems. A little time the carrier then a little time walking or crawling around... Em loved it.

  2. Like Jess said, just don't use it for extended periods of time. If what he needs is to be able to see what's going on, what about trying him in another carrier on your back? It's going to be more comfortable for him to be in a carrier that has him in more of a seated position for a long time - it's similar to being on a bike, but without the pedals, after a while it really starts hurting!
    Also, you could try a woven wrap, there's a carry called a front wrap cross carry, and you can put a baby in that facing forward or inwards with less pressure on their crotch.
    Whatever you decide to do - happy babywearing!


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