Friday, November 23, 2012

Going Green-ish

So a while ago James and I were talking about a now ever discussed topic in our home- Truman's bodily fluids and about the diapers we use. used Honest hybrids for awhile, they changed their diaper, he peed out of them 3+ times a day. Now we're on pampers.
We started discussing the option of cloth and if it's right for us.
Now that things are calmer in our house hold, meaning I can actually take a shower, or fold the laundry with out a total T melt down. I feel that I can take on a little more to my mothering responsibilities. We decided that we'd wait for T to get a bit bigger before we made the switch and use up our current diapers. After all isn't part of being green waste not want not?
So with all that said---
Tonight I was in the shower, and T was in his snugabunny. He was naked, in a towel with a washcloth on his behind & peep waiting for me to finish my shower so he can get his stink chin cleaned up too. While I was showering I kept hearing toots from the other side of the curtain, and when I opened the curtain I realized it was much more than toots.
Nevertheless I grabbed him, bathed him and got out of the shower and attempted to deal with "the issue". It was when I grabbed the soiled washcloth like it was a huge hairy spider I realized that cloth might not be for me. I mean seriously, this was 4 month old, EBF poo- this should NOT be a problem?!
So now I'm torn. I still would really like to give it a shot, but what if I muck it up and end up selling all the cloth diapers for a fraction of what I bought them at? I mean seriously, this boy poos like 4+ times a day! That's a lot of ew, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, I've got quite a bit of research to do on it. Our plan was to start it after he gains a bit more weight so he stays in one size longer than he would now. We're really wanting it to be cost effective in order to do this.

next morning update

Alright, it's ON.
We're gonna do this!!
I researched last night until my phone died/ I knocked out and then did it all again this AM.
If I know anything about me it's this:
1. I always love a good deal &
2. I hate clutter
And rando but relevant:
3. I do not like getting my hands dirty.

The thing I see about CD is that you gotta try several out, well we're going to try out three, possibly four OS AIO CD's (one size, all in one cloth diapers).
And get this-
Thanks to disposable liners- I don't have to touch poo. Meaning once he starts solids I can put in dryer sheet-esque disposable liners that catch the solids and flush it down the drain!

The types we're going to try out:
Charlie Banana
So far I've just ordered two... Awaiting more research and reviews on boys and Charlie Banana. ;)

As far as washing goes I'm going to try out Rockin' Green and use a scent free "Hard Rock" and go from there. Luckily they sale samples!

I'm excited! Right now all these sites are offering Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals and if you ask me, the best deal I've seen is the Fuzzibunz buy four get two deal, free shipping and tax free for me.
I also plan to buy my wet bags and additional items at Terra-Tots so I can participate locally.

Once we figure out what I like we'll use our FREE (yippy!!!) Amazon credit from our credit cards and get the rest of the diapers.

I am excited, quite a bit nervous too.
I'm very excited about the idea that these will be all we need until he's potty trained AND the fact that we can use these for future kid(s). Not so gun shy about the idea of future kiddos. We don't have to wait for him to grow to a certain weight now as these are good for 10- big kid lbs.
*However we will still use up what we have, especially until we get the ball rolling on this!

I'll be sure to write a review!

Any suggestions- recommendations greatly welcome!


  1. Ozark natural foods sells a really good detergent for them. I cant remember the name, but it was a lot cheaper and I thought better than Rockin green

  2. I am so glad you are doing this!! Nathaniel and I have discussed this option numerous times! But we were afraid of how yucky it would be and if we would need a completely seperate washing machine!! I really like the idea of the liners!!! Cant wait to see an updated post on how it works out!


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