Monday, November 12, 2012

In other news...

What do Jessica Simpson & I have in common?
We both got pregnant, blew up all over ourselves and now we're both on weight watchers.

Difference is I have to pay and she's getting paid to do it.

Truman is doing well. He's still laughing and cooing/babbling a little more each day. He's been pretty consumed with chewing on everything. Also he seems to really enjoy his swing and play mat more and more. I think he's working on teething. He saturates his shirt collars every day and winces and whines when he's nursing.


James' job is a blast. I'm still jealous. He's got a project for Walleye end-caps in northern Wal-Marts for next spring. Walleye is my favorite fish to eat so I'm pretty stoked for him!

Hank is depressed. Apparently being a big brother is demanding work and he's not always up for the job. The vet recommended a pheromone collar.

Teething pics ---->


  1. You crack me up. Good luck on the Weight Watchers! I know you will do great.

  2. Good gosh! I should be warned before seeing that creepy skull with cheek teeth. Thats what nightmares are made of. I did WW after Mia and had lots of success. I use to carry her into the meetings in my baby carrying backpack. Of course I took her off for my weigh in and every other article of clothing that I could legally get away with. It was a great way to keep her quiet during meetings. Now I hear they have amazing app's and all kinds of stuff to track points. You will do well, I know you will!


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