Monday, November 19, 2012

Rights of Passage...

Teething Boy?

Since Tuesday our guy has been suffering.
He's spitting/throwing up 2-4x a day (yay laundry!)
Grabbing his ears and the hair/skin behind his ears.
Frequent, smelly, funky colored diapers.
Restlessness and irritability--- accompanied with screaming and crying.
Drooling rivers.
Stiff legs and arching back he looks like this ---> ) like 10-15x a day.

We finally went to the Dr this morning as I was sure it was teething pain, and several others thought it may be an ear infection.

Turns out it's neither.


Mysterious boy! Dr said he didn't see any inflamed gums so we most likely wouldn't see teeth for a little while, and his ears look great. So I did the whole "What about this and that?" questions and it all is still boiling down to is reflux.

He suggested that I start positioning him in more and different positions and he showed me a few things to do. He also suggested doing a more rigorous routine with him.

Trying out the wild Tommee Tippee teether

I'm so excited about solids!!
I can't wait to feed this little guy and let dad get in on the feeding fun too.
We've been doing some research on solids and we've decided to wait until he's 6-7 months old, or whenever he's able to sit up mostly unsupported, engaging in our dinner time, opening mouth/smacking lips, and mostly lost his sucking reflux.
I've read a little on the virgin gut theory and we've decided to go off of this (to a point). James and I have both had tummy troubles to one extent or another so we just want to give him the best possible start.

Here's an image on the open gut. on delaying solids

So anyway, I'm so ready to start solids but we'll wait a few months more.
We really don't see that he's ready right now. I give him his tummy "cocktail" to him by spoon and he kicks it out almost all the time. Plus he's not sitting up unsupported or even semi-supported. Just in the bumbo and on our laps.

My PLAN is to make our own solids when we do start! 
I got a Baby Bullet for a shower gift and I can't wait to put it to good use!

And thanks to my friend, Emily for introducing me to this blog post on solids I've got a much more sound game plan. I bought these trays last week to get prepared!
Tovolo Ice Cube Trays

I have the greatest of intentions to do this... if I put my mind to it I know we'll make it work!
Here's another interesting link on the same ladies blog about solid FAQ'.
she's really got her business together... which is pretty intimidating!! Although I'm happy to be the gal who takes a little something from everyone I meet and leave the rest!

Must go... I smell a diaper that needs to be changed.
Had a little blog helper today :)


  1. Hehe! Looks so business-like helping mommy blog. :-) sweet boy.

  2. Wow, thanks for posting this! This looks awesome and I'm going to be looking into making my own food.

  3. You can do it! I made all of Jax's food and its soooo easy and cheap! I plan on making Lexi's too. Good thinking about not starting yet though. I'm super anxious to start but I know it's best to wait :-/

    1. Jenna!
      Do you have any good resources or recepies you'd share?!


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