Monday, November 26, 2012

Truman is Four Months Old + Thanksgiving + Christmas Decorating!

It's hard to believe that our boy is four months! Yet here we are! (Happily?!) ... It's bittersweet.
Definitely starting to see a trend- each month just gets better & better.
This past month he's started giggling, babbling, for fun screaming or hollering and sputtering/raspberries.

He now looooves his swing & I'd say off & on he spends an hour in it each day!

His cries have changed he mostly cries now because of frustration or sleepiness. No more "I hurt cries" which is great.

Speaking of I hurt cries... He'll be off Prevacid a week tomorrow!!

Lets see what else in notable---
He's nursing much quicker now.
He's enjoying tummy time & car seat a lot more.
His eye sight is so much better.
Everything must. go. in. mouth. grrr!
Full head/neck control when sitting up.
Much stronger core!
Loves to "stand" turns into a noodle!
If he's nursing & I'm eating he'll unlatch and watch me chow down. (Pretty cute)
Much more interested in toys and hanging out alone
Working on depth perception
He likes to scratch, pull, grasp everything
Smiles when he's getting tickled or kissed
Giggles at funny sounds and tickling his belly or chin 
He's sleeping from about 9/10PM to 3/5 AM.
I still wake up 3+ times a night and switch nursing sides. Errr or two body parts wake me up.

That's all that I can think of for the moment.

Just Hanging out!

Milburn Thanksgiving

Decorating for Christmas!

Happy Four Months T-man!

We weighed him last night and he was 15lb 10oz and 26" long!

chew chew chew!


Thanksgiving Day!

Sitting "up"

Hey there... which way to the gym? Gotta work on my neck muscles ;)

Check out these Videos too!


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  1. Ok, so I just noticed your wedding video in the footer. It was beautiful! And yay for 4 months!


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