Tuesday, December 25, 2012

5 Months Old

Little man turned 5 months old Christmas Day!

This is sickly over due.

How embarrassing.

The sad thing is, is that it's all turning into one big blur! I'm going to have to start working on these monthly blogs as the month goes because a month in recap is blowing my mind.

What to say what to say...

We had Christmas (see older posts) and it was great.

T-Rex and Berk got passed around like a couple adorable sacks of potatoes.

Totally recovered from his acid reflux (I believe) and he had his 4 month apt and he's doing great, gotta work on tummy time more.

T pooped and peed in his little potty (see older posts) a few days before Christmas and that was pretty cool. He did great with it for a couple weeks but now that he's over his cold he's not as on schedule as he was. say la vie.

He loves taking naps in his swing at home and the swing at work. Also he got "upgraded" to his big boy car seat a week or two before Christmas. I think he's a lot more comfortable!

He's playing with toys more and more and he's engaged in other peoples conversations. He's really into everything and grabbing at all kinds of things he should and shouldn't grab.

He also really likes to be read to.

Christmas day he weighed 17lb 5oz and seemed to be still 26"

Thats all that really comes to mind :)

After all it was the holidays! heh.

potty time!

buddah bath time!

in my big boy britax!

still prefer to face out (for now mwhaha)

In The Bumbo & Jumper

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  1. Big boy!! Grief, he'll be 1/2 a year old soon. ;-(


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