Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crunchy Fail


I have no other words for myself and my interactions with the world.

Geeks are chic, nerds are smart.
I am neither, so all that really leaves is DORK!

Cloth Diaper Fails

So far I've been using with pretty great 2-3 hour success Fuzzibunz and Charlie Banana AIO OS Cloth Diapers

I also bought some GroVia Hybrids with disposable and cloth inserts for trips and things like that.

So I decided to venture onto Etsy for the rest of my cloth diaper stash and I stumbled upon these beauties...

I loved the fabric instantly so I bought them and they came all the way from Canada.
These bad boys come with two hemp/cloth inserts making a grand total of eight layers of protection which I thought would be great for all night diapers.

I decided to put them on him Thursday night and he pretty much looked like a 17 lb sumo wrestler.

I thought to myself surely this can't be right!? This looks terrible on him and there's no way he could wear clothing with all this fluff! So I posted to my lovely baby-mama's on IG and one friend finally said "It needs a cover"
Holy smokes yet ANOTHER layer!?

Ive decided now to stick with a bit more mainstream CD methods.


Recently I was introduced to the beauty and functionality of a woven wrap.

Little did I know woven wraps are like their own language.

Here's what I know:
I think the girasol wraps are the prettiest.
I like the darker/cooler/purple fades the best vs the cream ones

 They're mostly made in other countries so they have crazy hard to pronounce names like Amitola and whatnot. (redneck fail) there are different types of fabric that they're made out of too like cotton, wool, silk, linen etc, and blends.

They're said to offer much more versatility, feel cooler on the body, and support (which I have a hard time finding in the moby) and if I want to, T can face out.
 Although it's not ergonomically recommended for his little body, it's what he likes and I've said so many times I want to scream.

Girasols are just the tip of the iceberg on woven wraps, but honestly I think it's as deep as I NEED to go.

Here are some on etsy 
Instagram has been a wonderful place to find ladies that have a collection of beautiful wraps and babies that adore being in them... unlike mine who I've decided is a total firecracker.

I suppose it makes me a total poser, but I think they're super pretty, the most versatle and if it offers more support than the moby and is cooler to wear (temperature wise) I need one :) 

Cons: whooo ex-pen-sive!!!
and I'm going to need a semester long course to learn various wraps


  1. Thank you for continuing to update about cloth diapers!! I think we are going to try them when we run out of what we currently have stocked up. I may be coming to you for advice!! BTW...T is so stinkin adorable!! I just love all his rolls!! I really enjoy seeing his pictures!!

  2. I love those wraps! Baby wearing is the cutest thing in the whole world!


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