Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ice cream for me?!

My darling MIL got Mollie (my SIL) and I a Yonanas pure fruit "ice cream"maker!

It's ice cream with with out the guilt... Or my favorite... Without the dairy!

According to the directions it only works with DOLE fruit as all other fruit is incapable of freezing ;) ;)

Product review coming soon

Holly & Jolly -

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  1. We stick with sorbet most of the time. Sam loves it and its healthy. Coconut milk ice cream is the bomb though! Soy ice cream sucks though. Bleck.

    Also... Tofutti makes a DELICIOUS ice cream sandwich. Homina Homina Homina.

    I hear almond milk ice cream is great too... we don't get to eat that. Sam rejects the almond in a very violent way.


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