Friday, December 7, 2012


I've been playing with my camera again!

I *think* It's the light fixture in his overhead light that casts the yellow. I'm hoping to play again today with sunlight... (if we have any sunlight today that is)

In the mean time I'll leave the for real picture taking to the professionals.

Bath Time Fun :)


  1. Your picture is great! Try the "white balance" setting on your camera. When it seems yellow like that, just do a white balance. You just have to point the camera at something white (while in white balance mode) and it will sort of reset the color reading. It's handy for bad lighting. And an easy fix when you don't know much about photography (like me).

  2. Aww, sweet splash monster :-)

  3. I just cant get over captain chunk. I just want to squeeze him! He is going to love the water that is for sure! Get ready for the lake buddy!


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