Monday, December 17, 2012

Seasons Greetings

Sending some digital love from us to you.

I've been such a tight wad this year. I do apologize to friends and family for my cop-out gifts, anti-Christmas wrapping presents and hoarding of postage stamps.
We'll try harder next year?

It doesn't change how much I care for my friends new and old, local and far away, ones I see all the time and the ones I've never met.

You're special to me and I appreciate you.

Merry Christmas,
James, April, Truman & Hank 



  1. Oh that picture! Those baby rolls and that sweet smile! ADORABLE!

  2. Love this picture! Those rolls are super adorable!!

  3. Last night in the car I was telling Mia about a lady from church who brought her grandson by my work to see me. He was laughing and adorable.
    Mia:"did he have chubby cheeks?"
    Me: "No, he was really strong but skinny".
    Mia: "Have you ever seen another baby who was chubby like me"? (thats the sweet innocents of children she knows that being a chubby baby is a cute thing to be proud of).
    Me: "Well truman".
    Mia: "I've never got to see him".
    Me: "Yes you have, you have his picture in your play room". Mia:"no, I mean in person"
    Me: "Oh, me neither"
    Mia: "What does April just sit at home all day long and never leave?"
    hahah I cracked up and said Uhh no she lives in another city. Apparently Mia thought you lived in harrison and you were just hording Tru all to yourself.


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