Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vacuum Saleslady

Once upon a time I had a house cleaner that came a couple times a month.
Since having Tman and working semi-part time we no longer have help.
I've been cleaning this and that every day and today we tackled the carpet.

We have an Oreck XL & an iRobot for our floors for a weekly basis.
And the only carpet in our house is the three bedrooms and the top landing at the stairs.
Today after work T and I shampooed the upstairs (2 bed and landing). It hasn't been shampooed since April. (Yikes!)

(No we didn't plan oddly colored matching shirts. :-X)

Anyway we have had this beast for like 2-3 years now. It's a Bissel Pro Heat Pet. I guess it's specially designed for pet owners, like us.

So I did three tank fulls of water on the upstairs and this was the result...

if your name is Becki Jech look away now! We don't need you pooping your pants at the filth your daughter in law lets your son and grandson live in.

Yes that's WET dog hair. Ugh!!
Barf. I am so disgusted!

Like I said, this is wet dog hair... Can you imagine how big this pile would be it were dry?! Barf!

Plus we put up a baby gate to keep Hank out of the carpeted area and now he's figured out how to open it both sides!

Hank isn't the only one guilty of filth.

My hair seized up the brushes.



Since giving birth I've been losing hair like crazy. It was expected, but I can't believe the massive amount of hair that falls out of my head on a daily basis. I wasn't prepared.

Anyway so for Christmas I'm rooting for a new Dyson animal vacuum!



  1. I am always disgusted by the tank of my carpet shampooer when I'm done using it. It is always one of those, "Holy crap! I can't believe we were walking around/laying on those floors." Gag. Hey, at least you own one. Most people probably never shampoo their carpets.

  2. Oh, I get that much hair out of my carpets probably every other week. Seriously....two huskies will do that to you! I researched Dysons for a long time and we have the heavy-duty yellow one. I was going to get the animal, but it's not quite as strong and simply has different attachments that are suppose to do better with pet hair. I think this one is the way to go, just FYI:


    1. THANK YOU Jen!!! I really think I'll get a Dyson if we get money for Christmas.
      I really don't think Hank would let us use the accessories to clean his fur... wild dog!

  3. Well I came here to look at Prince Chubby Cheeks and I end up with gag-reflex pictures of hank hair. LOL Raven has a golden retriever and has the same issues. Just one of the joys of being a pet owner. Degas doesnt shed but pete does like its going out of style and she loves to hang out on Mia's play rug. So if your kids come play at my house dont send them in black.

  4. Did I tell you we got a Dyson Animal? It's this one
    and is actually on a great sale right meow!!

    We also got this groovy tool:


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