Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bad, bad blog reader

I love to read my friends blogs, HOWEVER I do 99% of my internet stuff on my stinking iPhone.
So it's really quite difficult to get it all done.
I want to read them and I don't want to miss a single post, seriously.

I've found that it's easiest for me to have my favorite blogs delivered to my email address when the blog posts.

As you can see over on the right side of my blog I added a "Follow by Email" box
Somewhere over there... ---- >>

So please subscribe if you want lil ol me direct to your email addy when I post.
Also if you have this feature on your blog, please let me know?
I want to be in the blog loop and my iphone is just a little dream crusher!

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  1. I read blogs using Google Reader on my phone. I love it just for reading and catching up, not so good for commenting and such :)


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