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Cloth Diaper Review

So I'd actually started working on a very lengthy comparison and contrast of Fuzzibunz Elite (FB) and Charlie Banana One Size (CB) the two All in One "Pockets" I've been using for a couple months now.

I had all this stuff typed out and like a flow chart going on. I was going to take ALL these pics and couldn't figure out how in the world I'd ever get this all done with my grumbly baby and pretty busy life. :)

Then I got to thinking so many SWEET women have already done this for you:

And also lets not forget the lady who began my obsession: Styleberry Blog and her
Charlie Banana Love
Fuzzibunz Love
 Also Styleberry blogs travel CD system love.

And seriously, how gorgeous are her pictures. I am in awe!

(James put up my clothesline plzzz)

I wanted plzzz to sound as excessively whiny as I am. 

So instead of doing the compare and contrast I'm just going to word vomit all of this.
Put your parka on.

I like Fuzzibunz (FB) The best and here's why:

Both the shell, outer liner and soaker pad clean up nice after being washed.

As you can see the FB is bright white and completely free of stains
The CB is kind of dingy and I've washed this particular pad twice now and can't get it back to normal.
(FYI I use Country Save detergent and follow the CB wash guidelines)
* however I have heard to sun bleach them and they will whiten back up

here's the insides after washing the yellow is the CB and red is the FB.
To me they're both equally soft and white afterwards

The Insert spot: 
The Insert spot on the CB is at the front of the diaper, the FB is at the back.
I guess this depends on your child but I've yet to touch poo from the back of the FB but ALWAYS have to touch urine soaked pad when getting the FB out.
*Im not a fan of getting my fingers icky

The Final Fit
Here's the FB on T-Rex and the FB has a elastic system in the leg holes as well as the waist whereas the CB just has an elastic system in the leg holes

** oh yeah, the CB has a crossover snap that little little ones really need

I prefer the elastic system of the FB because it’s a button and hole system where as CB’s system is more like a bra and the size isn’t exactly black and white.

Here's the CB on T-Rex and it kind of gaps more because of the little -kick out snaps the CB has that the FB doesn't

You can really see the "extra bulk" here. It's not a huge deal just a preference of mine.

My only FB complaint is will these really take him all the way to 30+ lbs?
Right now he's set on Medium in both the leg holes and the waist and is sporting ~17.5 lbs.
When I put it on him he's at the most outter buttons we can go to will moving him to the L in the waist and leg holes really carry him all the way through with these?
The CB is set somewhere between M and S on the leg holes elastic system and we can hit the 2nd to the outter snap on each hip. I feel like these are bigger diapers...
only time will tell though I'm guessing.

Final thoughts on FB & CB
- He's leaked urine out of both probably equally
- the leaking is doing better in BOTH since they've seen several washes
- he has yet to poo out of either of them
- the CB's are slightly easier to stuff
- the PUL (the waterproof liners inside) is a bit sticky on the FB more so than the CB

Curve Ball
I may make you want to throw your computer out a window....
I bought GroVia Hybrid OS shells and disposable (flush-able) liners for travel aka the biosoakers
I was so proud of them yet here they sat and sat in the CD hamper waiting and waiting to be used.
Every little "trip" we take has been just a couple hours so I bring regular diapers with me to town.
So I decided that they could be utilized in our CD rotation as well as for travel.
I got on amazon and got some liners for them.

I really really like this diaper. Like a whole lot.
 Here's a pic of it once I got them in the mail...
It's gusseted for over flow issues and leaks! 

I wasn't going to write about these at all today but I decided to use them pretty hard core so I could tell you more about them.

I have yet to have an on the clothing urine leak from these. However I did have a poo leak.
I think these will be perfect for bringing him to work (because they're less bulk in my bag)
you have one shell and a soaker pad that snaps in place in the actual shell and you can do about three urine pads per shell. In my *limited* experience if he poo's we have to change both shell and soaker pad.

looong story, I know.
If I could start my collection again knowing what I know now I'd have FB's and these GroVia's only.
(note I've never tried blueberry, thirsties, bumgenius, Gdiapers etc etc JUST these three brands) 
Currently the only way FB's could lose my favoritism is if they don't stand up to the fitting at 30 lbs.
Or if the PUL rips apart.
I'll keep using my CB's of course.

I have heard that FB customer service is awesome, CB's is not and several people have complained on amazon that their CB's aren't absorbing like they should. That could be operator trouble though and not the diaper.

*CB has a Facebook and they answer questions on there and refer you to links on their website.

I'll review again when I'm a seasoned pro and have been CD'ing for several months

Please please look at the links above from
 the styleberry blog to get better visuals.

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