Friday, February 15, 2013

Quarterly Cloth Diaper Experience

Whelp, I thought this was the end all be all of my CD experience:
Like stank nasty stank!

What was I doing wrong!? What was I doing differently!?

Nothing! It was just simply time to strip!

Of COURSE it took me four weeks to figure that out!

Acronym Key:
CD - Cloth Diaper
FB- Fuzzibunz
CB- Charlie Banana
IMO- in my opinion :)

As you may or may not know I run on these four systems:
Fuzzibunz OS
Charlie Banana OS
GroVia Hybrids
Hemp Fitted's w/ a Blueberry or GroVia Shell

The Fuzzibunz were starting to smell and the Charlie Banana's were starting to smell BAD -
bad like "get that stinky baby away from me" bad.

So I washed both CB & FB CD's in vinegar... mistake.
 Made them smell worse IMO!

I decided I was in over my head and headed to Terra Tots   and Sky (God bless this woman) said "Well, it sounds like your inserts aren't made of natural fibers like hemp, cotton or bamboo. These types of inserts are more likely to leak & have a smell issue."
So I bought several 2nd hand cotton/hemp inserts and went on my way feeling like:
1. why didn't I come to an expert store sooner for help
2. did I waste lots of money on two systems that aren't going to get me through his diaper years?
3. why didn't I research natural fibers v synthetic fibers?

I started double stuffing T's CB's and FB's with the hemp/cotton insert and the CB/FB insert and it completely took care of the leaking issue (hooray) however, I still have a smell issue!

After "hours" of searching for help online I contacted FB and CB's websites requesting help.

since FB insert is made out of micro-fleece and CB insert is made out of polyester I had to strip separately.

How I stripped my CB's:
I put in about 2-3 TBS of Dawn and agitated all diapers and covers in my sink for a good 2-3 minutes and then let sit in the sink for an hour plus. I did several (like 4) rinses in my washing machine until all signs of suds were gone then tumbled dry on low in dryer (would have hung out to dry but it was night time)

another option suggested by the manufacture email:

non-chlorine bleach in hot hot water with inserts ONLY soak, wash, line dry

How I stripped my FB's:
start out with clean diapers 
inserts only- Hot water like 150 deg F and 4-5 TBS of OxyClean  let oxy clean dissolve then throw in diaper inserts
agitate for a few minutes then shut off machine and let sit for 6 hrs-over night
cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse and line dry (again, i machine dried bc it was night)

Some things I learned along the way:

OxyClean, Bac-Out etc is OK for FB NOT at all for CB's (voids the warrenty)
White Vinegar is OK for CB's NOT for FB
Dawn & HOT water is OK for BOTH (inserts only)
  Obbs & Lala Vlog - this gal knows her CD's!

CB's on the line:

 Finally, we've achieved CD Zen! (Om...)


  1. This post has waaaay too many letters for me to follow. Lol!!

  2. I love the review! One of my close friends does all cloth diapers with her 9 month old, and I've learned a lot from her. We are totally going to try it someday...


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