Saturday, February 2, 2013


T-Rex {ahem} his mother has a giraffe obsession. It all started at gestation.

Here are just some in his room.

They all have names too.

From L to R

Jenny, Juston, Gerald, Etsy, Steve and Jim.

Currently our favorite is Gerald and our favorite thing about all of them is their tags, tails and tasty ears.

Sophie and Soph-ette are in the car.
... Incase you were wondering.


  1. We have a giraffe that sings lullabies and its head mores very slowly. It's so cute!!! I'll have to post a picture on Instagram. We too are giraffe lovers!

  2. I was totally wondering... Where the heck is Sophie?? :-)

  3. You need the book "Giraffe's Can't dance."


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