Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Nine Months Old!

T-man was nine months old last week! I can't believe he'll be a year old before we know it! What an amazing adventure this has been!

He's 22 lb 14 oz and 28.5" long!

Here's our eight month recap!
All T wants to do is stand up. He stands for what it seems like all day. He'll always stand supported but is getting brave and will do it one handed and he'll also take steps when possible! Also with the standing comes lots of falling, so we've been scared a few times, every day!
Tru has five teeth going on six in his eight months. We had to cross a pretty big hurdle with BITING. I believe that deserves its very own blog post though (coming soon I hope).
He will randomly say MommmMommm and Dada It seems like he says mom when he's eating or late at night. No crawling yet and at eight months old I was about convinced that he'll just skip it all. However now that a week has passed I'm thinking it may happen yet!
He loves to shake his head "no" when you shake yours or say "no-no"',snarl up his nose and sniff-sniff and "a-diddle diddle diddle" his tongue (It's a technical term). Loves cause and effect, belly laughing and separation anxiety has become very apparent!

Oh gosh I can't think of anything else! How awful is that!

A visit from my MO family! Love them!

I got a swing, and I totally love it, I swear.

Hank and I are BFF now bc I feed him some of my food.

Hey everyone wake up!

I pull up on everything!

I'm swinging in Braden's swing! What a great bday gift Braden!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Barbers Shower

Last Sunday James and I put on a shower for our friends Britton and Emma for their baby coming in less than a month! I can't even tell you all how excited I am to meet this little baby girl! I've been dreaming of holding her and getting to know her for... well... about nine months! Haha, but seriously.
Emma and I have been obsessing about pregnancy and babies for a long time. I took her husband quite a while to decide that he was ready to try, I like to think it was my stellar pregnancy that made him decide. Plus the fact that I'd go out and party at Georges with everyone while carrying the little man in utero. Bad A Pregnant Lady I like to think all that anyways. :)
Back to the matter at hand: the shower! I did it on the best budget I could manage and I think I made a little, look like a lot!
Here's some of the details:

Books from T's nursery and 1/2 off glass, daisy and pinwheel at Hobby Lobby on a disposable liner.

frame from my house and the Oh, The Places You'll Go book as a guestbook and wishes for baby, borrowed cupcake stand from my coworker. The bird cages are my spring/easter decor

Cupcakes from Ricks! Also I made the wrappers my self borrowing a Cricut!

DIY Tissue balls for Decor (they were suppose to go above each guest table but the room did not permit that)

T Loved all the windows!

Beautiful Emma!

Repurposed some of the tissue balls in T's room to help us with diaper changes!

Invites made by a wonderful vendor on Etsy and printed off at Office Depot for a steal!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My stuff runneth over

So my shower drives me crazy. I have three shampoos, three body washes, two face washes and three baby bubble baths all in my shower.
WHY don't I have one shampoo, one body wash and one bubble bath in there? Why in my cabinets are there countless facial cleaners, lotions and body washes? It just gets worse from there- the makeup, athletic clothes, tops, jeans, pull overs, jewelry, shoes and OMG the t-shirts! Oh lawrdy the t-shirts.
I feel like I have all other facets of my house in a more minimal order, why aren't my clothes & the like?
I started throwing out bottles of expired things and you should see the stack of clothes I have to take to the consignment shop and my car is full of baby clothes to sell at Rhea Lana's I already feel a little bit lighter!
What do you do to purge your clothes? Am I the only one that feels like my stuff is trying to swallow me?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter at The Jech House!

Alright I'm not going to lie... this is going to be a mostly picture text because I'm STILL beat from Easter. We had a total blast! I think about 40 people were there and the kids hunted for hundreds (yes hundreds!) of eggs!

I made some collages to kind of make this whole picture explosion less intense...

Here's T-Rex with his cousin who is 6 days apart in age from him. The center pic CRACKS me up, this little one is going to be a handful!
My boho dreamer niece there at the top L. Here are the cousins together!

T with his Easter basket that AM and more family pics.

Party up in here!
Hank and T were flat exhausted from partying these pics were taking around 6 that night.
Pics from Mollie!

Hilarious X1

Hilarious X2 I love Q & C's looks!

What the babies loving Wednesday

T-Rex has taught me that if it's not a toy, it's the best toy. This must be ingrained in a little boys just as little girls don't like to share their real toys--- primal behavior at its finest!

Between phone cords, candy boxes, pieces of paper, moms tumbler we've finally agreed on a good non-toy, toy.

Squish Measuring Spoons
These have that loud banging sound that our wild one likes as well as some silicone for chewing!

Other than sing-song books this book happens to be T-Rex's favorite. He laughs every single time I read it to him... and I'm not even kidding, he laughs at the "No No" pages nine times out of ten.

No No Yes Yes by Leslie Patricelli

Doggies by Sandra Boynton is a very close second-

If you've been following my posts since Christmas, James and I decided to start putting T-Rex on a potty to go to the bathroom (#2 mostly) and we've had great success. Really.
I really hope I don't jinx this but I couldn't tell you the last time I changed a poo diaper.
TMI Time: his BM is pretty formed and he will flat wait until we sit him on his pot to do his business.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is the best, and easiest thing we've done to date.
I will admit I was VERY excited about making T-Rex's own baby food, we have the baby bullet and all of the accessories imaginable as well as an endless supply of gallon freezer bags and 1:1 silicone ice cube trays for bath freezing. I ran to Sam's Club a few weeks before he turned six months and worked my @$$ off in the kitchen for a week every night pureeing and blending foods and throwing them in the freezer.

When we started to introduce solids it went like this:
Me: "say ahh, take a bite T... say ahh"
T-Rex: -- tight lipped, throwing hands, trying to grab the spoon, throwing shit fits.
it was awesome...
 ... yeah.

So that all being said I could have saved well over 100$ had we of started BLW to begin because all you really need is some decent bibs and creativity.
Bumkins Sleeved Bib
T-Rex loves avocado, and so does his mom and dad, we all split one and it works out perfect.
However, the only thing that doesn't work out perfect is that avocado freaking stains clothes.
So this little gem is perfect for us! (or naked baby, your choice)
because after all BLW is like this:
not this:

Lastly, the sippy cup mom doesn't hate entirely...

 Happy Wednesday y'all