Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Barbers Shower

Last Sunday James and I put on a shower for our friends Britton and Emma for their baby coming in less than a month! I can't even tell you all how excited I am to meet this little baby girl! I've been dreaming of holding her and getting to know her for... well... about nine months! Haha, but seriously.
Emma and I have been obsessing about pregnancy and babies for a long time. I took her husband quite a while to decide that he was ready to try, I like to think it was my stellar pregnancy that made him decide. Plus the fact that I'd go out and party at Georges with everyone while carrying the little man in utero. Bad A Pregnant Lady I like to think all that anyways. :)
Back to the matter at hand: the shower! I did it on the best budget I could manage and I think I made a little, look like a lot!
Here's some of the details:

Books from T's nursery and 1/2 off glass, daisy and pinwheel at Hobby Lobby on a disposable liner.

frame from my house and the Oh, The Places You'll Go book as a guestbook and wishes for baby, borrowed cupcake stand from my coworker. The bird cages are my spring/easter decor

Cupcakes from Ricks! Also I made the wrappers my self borrowing a Cricut!

DIY Tissue balls for Decor (they were suppose to go above each guest table but the room did not permit that)

T Loved all the windows!

Beautiful Emma!

Repurposed some of the tissue balls in T's room to help us with diaper changes!

Invites made by a wonderful vendor on Etsy and printed off at Office Depot for a steal!

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