Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter at The Jech House!

Alright I'm not going to lie... this is going to be a mostly picture text because I'm STILL beat from Easter. We had a total blast! I think about 40 people were there and the kids hunted for hundreds (yes hundreds!) of eggs!

I made some collages to kind of make this whole picture explosion less intense...

Here's T-Rex with his cousin who is 6 days apart in age from him. The center pic CRACKS me up, this little one is going to be a handful!
My boho dreamer niece there at the top L. Here are the cousins together!

T with his Easter basket that AM and more family pics.

Party up in here!
Hank and T were flat exhausted from partying these pics were taking around 6 that night.
Pics from Mollie!

Hilarious X1

Hilarious X2 I love Q & C's looks!

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