Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My stuff runneth over

So my shower drives me crazy. I have three shampoos, three body washes, two face washes and three baby bubble baths all in my shower.
WHY don't I have one shampoo, one body wash and one bubble bath in there? Why in my cabinets are there countless facial cleaners, lotions and body washes? It just gets worse from there- the makeup, athletic clothes, tops, jeans, pull overs, jewelry, shoes and OMG the t-shirts! Oh lawrdy the t-shirts.
I feel like I have all other facets of my house in a more minimal order, why aren't my clothes & the like?
I started throwing out bottles of expired things and you should see the stack of clothes I have to take to the consignment shop and my car is full of baby clothes to sell at Rhea Lana's I already feel a little bit lighter!
What do you do to purge your clothes? Am I the only one that feels like my stuff is trying to swallow me?


  1. Im taking all of my clothes to plates closet! And thankfully my cousin is preggers with a little boy and is happily taking B's stuff! I have a huge bag of body washes though :( I'm an addict... And perfumes too

  2. Cant feel you on the shower full of products. I am a minimalist there. Multiple bottles drives me nuts. Wait its really because I'm a tight-wad. When it comes to clothes I'm a TOTAL hoarder though. I still have tennis shoes from high school.... I've decided to save all my clothing for Mia to pick through when she's older. I wish I had some of my moms hippy clothes. Then I will sell the rest in a vintage clothing store and bug my customers about stories of when I wore the clothing. So until then I have totes and bags full of not super cool clothes. Putting my idea down on paper makes me realize how lame it is.


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