Monday, April 29, 2013

Nine Months Old!

T-man was nine months old last week! I can't believe he'll be a year old before we know it! What an amazing adventure this has been!

He's 22 lb 14 oz and 28.5" long!

Here's our eight month recap!
All T wants to do is stand up. He stands for what it seems like all day. He'll always stand supported but is getting brave and will do it one handed and he'll also take steps when possible! Also with the standing comes lots of falling, so we've been scared a few times, every day!
Tru has five teeth going on six in his eight months. We had to cross a pretty big hurdle with BITING. I believe that deserves its very own blog post though (coming soon I hope).
He will randomly say MommmMommm and Dada It seems like he says mom when he's eating or late at night. No crawling yet and at eight months old I was about convinced that he'll just skip it all. However now that a week has passed I'm thinking it may happen yet!
He loves to shake his head "no" when you shake yours or say "no-no"',snarl up his nose and sniff-sniff and "a-diddle diddle diddle" his tongue (It's a technical term). Loves cause and effect, belly laughing and separation anxiety has become very apparent!

Oh gosh I can't think of anything else! How awful is that!

A visit from my MO family! Love them!

I got a swing, and I totally love it, I swear.

Hank and I are BFF now bc I feed him some of my food.

Hey everyone wake up!

I pull up on everything!

I'm swinging in Braden's swing! What a great bday gift Braden!

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