Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 months old!

10 months old 23 lbs 3 oz and 28.5" 
6 teeth, cruising everywhere, says momma, dada, & hi. 
Waves hi & bye, shakes head no, and whole body yes. 
Still loves to dance. read books, and play games. 
He loves to empty his diaper bag or any drawer for that matter and loves to feed people his food. --- he's a sharer. 

Nine Month Recap

This month has been a lot of fun! Even though its had a few sick days in it.
*sorry about the photo quality. WTH?!?

teething 'sick' day at home

I love my horseie from Jack & Brook!

Playing with the activity table is such exhausting work.

Race for the Cure!

Why YES Coach Beliema, I'd love to take my picture with you! hehehe

strollin' and a holdin' hands

stepping, standing, pulling up going 90 MPH!

woah Nelle, what's up with my legs!?

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