Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jade Made Creations

I've been getting green as a gourd thanks to my friend Jade and her talents! 
Jade is so talented, everything I've bought from her has been made to perfection, built to be used again and again. Also can I just say, she's as sweet as they come, very processional and aims to please with every item she makes!

It all started when I saw her wrap scrap headbands:

Jade makes these out of garisol wrap scraps, she's also making teething necklaces with them!

From that purchase on I was hooked! I've bought and more importantly use a lot:

Reusable sandwich bags:
That have a nylon inside and Velcro closure. 

Reusable gallon bags:
 that I just got today!
These have a PUL inside with Velcro closure. 
* These are going to be perfect for produce at the grocery store and farmers market. 

My unpaper towels, these suckers get used, multiple times a day. I love them so much and have yet to use a full roll of actual paper towels since getting these months ago!

My mama cloth: (not used yet)
I've been a diva cup fan for a while, but came upon mama cloth and thought "Meh, why not?" So if ole AF decides to ever come back I'll be prepared with a one-two punch! 

Pads are multi layered and PUL on the bottom. 
The wet-bag is made with a PUL on the inside, wristlet for travel and zipper closure. 

A door knob cover:
Perfect for making a quiet exit and stoping a door-slamming tiny tantrum! 

Nursing necklace:
She has a lot of these this is the only one I have of hers... So far :)

Even Tru likes Jade and her fun packaging goodies!

Please check out her shop on Facebook! 

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