Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reading Rainbow

Just take a look, it's in a book, the reading rainbowwww!
Ah I loved that song back in the day when I only had PBS, ABC, and occasionally FOX for television. 
Guess what, that's my life again nowwww, but add CBS, NBC and CW. --- No complaints though, it's free! 
"Where are you going with this, April?" Good question ol buddy! 
I started reading. I've never been an avid reader, or even the occasional recreational reader. I was seriously lucky to read one book a year, and even luckier if I finished it. 
Reading to me was like running, in school we HAD to read books for homeWORK as we had to RUN for offseason basketball and I resented the shit out of it! Damn the man! 
But all of that has changed, the fam and I run for fun and I read for fun. Hell, I even eat my vegetables by choice and gladly. Way to finally grow up, dip wad.

It all started when I found Beyond the Sling- a parenting book that I downloaded on my iPad, and went from there. Since having Tru I've read two trilogies and I have in the works two more. 
Ill confess I did read the Fifty Shades of Gray series and I see that it's erotic, but really it mostly just enforced the reality that I am in fact, very claustrophobic.  Before the Fifty, I read The Hunger Games and I must say I adored it so much. Currently I'm reading (and this is probably so 2004) Wicked, and I really like it! This is going to make me sound SO dumb, but Wicked has a lot of "big" words in it, words that I've heard, but definitely don't use in my daily vocab, like "ominous" so I really enjoy highlighting the words and "looking them up" via the iPad dictionary! 
Here's my "bookshelf", what's on yours? 

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