Wednesday, July 24, 2013

364 days

So... T-Rex will be one year old tomorrow. I knew it was coming, and the date has been staring me in the face, but sheesh I mean wow, it's here! 
I'm currently laying down with my little baby for his last nap of the day and thinking about how much has changed since July 25, 2012. How big he's gotten and how much I've changed. --- how much better he's made me. 
He's made me better, and stronger in every way. I'm a happier, more whole, stronger minded and more understanding all thanks to him, all thanks to being his mother. My love grows deeper for T and James, for my family every day. I'm a lucky, lucky lady.
I'll bombard with all kinds of pics later. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Fourth of July

So... this post is a little over due!
but hey, happy fourth people! :)
We had a big and busy fourth holiday!
Here's a photo story ;) (because i'm a lazy blogger)

Q and his mammoth catfish!
multiple photo shoots that later he'll be mad at me for and some family funess at my brothers place.

we also got to play with the gorgeous LynnLee

And Samson & Kingston! :D

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

11 months

Oh... This is very bittersweet. 
... Our T-Rex is eleven months old. 
He's right at 24 lbs and I think around 29" tall. 
... And still six teeth!

Here's a 10 month recap:
T has started cruising and crawling everywhere, and getting into everything! He's saying, momma, dada, hi and bye. He waves, points, and signs potty. He's understanding a lot of words and has become quite the ham! He's laughing, dancing and babbling a lot more and really enjoys pretend things like talking on the phone or playing with the remote. He's also a really good sharer!  Lastly, he loves peek-a-boo, and suspense/being scared... So funny!
How all that being said, it's not complete sunshine and rainbows, our ECing had absolutely taken a turn for the worse, since he's so mobile now he hops off the potty and pees/poos in the floor. He wants to see it all and touch it. It's very frustrating for me. But I'm not giving up!! Also he had several Velcro baby days in his 10-month time where I'd just throw him in the ergo to get anything done! Separation anxiety is still present, but better because he can move around more.