Wednesday, July 24, 2013

364 days

So... T-Rex will be one year old tomorrow. I knew it was coming, and the date has been staring me in the face, but sheesh I mean wow, it's here! 
I'm currently laying down with my little baby for his last nap of the day and thinking about how much has changed since July 25, 2012. How big he's gotten and how much I've changed. --- how much better he's made me. 
He's made me better, and stronger in every way. I'm a happier, more whole, stronger minded and more understanding all thanks to him, all thanks to being his mother. My love grows deeper for T and James, for my family every day. I'm a lucky, lucky lady.
I'll bombard with all kinds of pics later. 


  1. Gorgeous family <3 happy birthday handsome!

  2. And he's a lucky boy to have you as a momma!


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